Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome to the Blog!!!

Hello Friends and Family: The Devers would like to officially welcome you to our blog. This has been a long time in the making but we are happy to say we are officially bloggers. So what better way to start our blog than with a subject everyone has been asking me about....Emerson's First Birthday Party!!! What better day to do this than on the day Emerson turns 14 months old; I am very sorry it has taken me so long to get this out but I wanted it to be special. We were very fortunate to have Amber Byrd Photography (http://www.amberbyrdphotography.com/) help us document this special day and I wanted to make the presentation of the pictures just as special. So I put together a short montage of some of our favorite pictures from the day. Thank you Amber!!!! Emerson's birthday was a perfect first birthday. I decided to make the theme a Polka Dot party and, as you will see in the pictures, I tried to incorporate it wherever I could. From centerpieces to children and adult favors, there were polka dots everywhere. This party was a blast for me to plan and even more fun to enjoy with all our friends and family that came to help us celebrate. Emerson actually slept through the first 30 minutes of the party but awoke ready for the festivities. A little overwhelmed by the amount of people at first, she then seemed to warm up and have a great time opening her presents, eating cake, and playing with her new toys. She especially loved the "eating cake" and it ended up everywhere, so she was promptly taken upstairs for the traditional "After cake bath....!" Emerson was then ready to play with all the wonderful toys she received; as you will see one toy was an especially big hit. We had a great time celebrating Emerson's big day with her and all our friends and family. So again, it has been a great year and we appreciate all of your support....we hope you enjoy the pictures below and continue to enjoy this blog....I will try to update it frequently and I will always include pictures. Much Love, The Devers Emerson's First Birthday: (turn your sound up and you may have to install ActiveX from the pop up blocker) - if you have problems viewing it, let me know. http://www.photodex.com/sharing/viewalbum.html?bm=168809

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