Saturday, October 18, 2008

Emerson's a Rockstar

Just a quick note about Miss Priss this morning. Our little Emersomnia slept until 8:10 this morning. For those of you who know Emerson, you know she doesn't require a lot of sleep to function, so usually she is early to rise and has short naps. So this is a huge deal for the Devers to sleep past 7:00 am on a weekend. After the week Danny had at work (believe me, it was a bad one, especially last night) and the week I had with no sleep while he was gone....we must admit it was great to sleep until 8:10 am!!!!! Emerson, you are a Rockstar!!!! (I do realize by posting this I am probably jinxing myself for her afternoon nap or any future weekend sleeping until past 7:00 am!!!!)

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