Monday, November 3, 2008

The Dever Dish is updated!!!

The Dever Dish has been updated, you can scroll down to see the posts or just click on the posts below: Smile for the Camera - this has a link to the video montage of Emerson's first photo shoot....not to be missed!!! AMEN!! Emerson's a Rockstar Happy Halloween, Ya'll August and September.... - this includes a link to August and September pictures Clown-O-Ween
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Like most of America, we celebrated Halloween this past Friday night. As was the case last year, Emerson didn't quite grasp the whole concept of Halloween or trick-or-treating. So, really this year's festivities were merely a picture taking opportunity for us; and as you can imagine, there were LOTS of pictures. Last year we took pictures of Emerson with our neighbor and her friend Ivie...this year was no different; tradition maybe? Take a look at how much both girls have changed in a year. Last Year- This year- What a cute clown!!!! As you can tell from the pictures....Emerson was fortunate enough to borrow Ivie's costume from last year. (Thank you to the Hermans for letting us borrow the costume and Amy's mom for making such a cute costume.) As you can see both girls made very adorable clowns. After pictures, Ivie and Emerson visited another neighbor for some trick or treating....... Then the Hermans were off for some real trick-or-treating and we were off to Mimi and Birdie's for pizza with Grammy and Papa. Emerson visited the Hamricks for another official trick-or- treat. Emerson had a great time this year, but we are sure next year will be even better since she will finally understand what Halloween is all about....Trick-or-Treating and Candy!!! Emerson was so pooped from the whole experience, she fell asleep on the way home. Until next year.....

August and September….

Here is my attempt to try to catch you up on the Dever happenings in August and September…. (picture link is below). August August for the Devers was fairly tame. Danny didn't do any traveling except for a one day trip to Chicago. We attended the Brazile Bash (as in Kyle Brazile)…a party at our friends and one of Brooke's co-workers homes….we literally had another party across the street to attend so it worked out well. After socializing at the Brazile Bash we headed to Avana Pittman's birthday party. Emerson was in awe of all the girls getting their fingernails and toenails painted and making their own lip balm. Everyone looked like a princess!!! I was pretty busy at work the first week in August because we had a huge conference in town for NCAC, a new organization in our office. I got the privilege of helping plan the events with a co-worker and the first week of August was all about executing them. I must say most of the events went off without a hitch and I think they were pretty pleased with the success of the conference. I hope I get to work on it again next year…it was a nice change of pace. We were also very fortunate to be invited to the Holbrook's going away party. We are so sad to see them go but we know they will be very happy in South Carolina. The funniest event of this party was that Emerson actually told Roy Williams "NO" (she was in a No phase at this point, wait a minute, she still is). We were outside on the porch and he said come see me baby girl and she looked right at him and said NO! Too funny!!! Although she didn't know what she was saying No to or even WHO she was saying No to, it was still hilarious. The biggest event in August was Emerson's move from the infant classroom to the toddler classroom. She had outgrown the room months before then but they just didn't have the space for her to move up. She was certainly a big fish in a small pond and just itching to get into her new class. Emerson has seemingly adjusted well to life in the toddler classroom…she is certainly the small fish in a large pond as she is the smallest kid in the class. Her vocabulary has skyrocketed since joining the class and she is trying to sing songs all the time. We get bits and pieces of the ABC's and Ring Around the Posey.


September was another relatively quiet month for us. Emerson got to experience yet another attempt at water fun and used the pool her Grammy and Papa got her for her birthday. As you will see from the pictures, she loved it and we couldn't get her out of it….she stayed in until all the water was drained out and even then, didn't want to get out. We will surely bring it out next summer for what will be many adventures. The Wisconsin Devers came to visit but more importantly moved their son, Corey, down as he started culinary school at Johnson and Wales in Charlotte, NC…it was good to see them though and we are glad one more Dever is in NC. September also brought Emerson a new playmate in Macie Herman. Our dear friends and neighbors welcomed the second baby girl Macie into the world on September 10th. As you have seen in several pictures Ivie, their older daughter, is also a playmate of Emerson's. There is a lot of estrogen on or block now!!! Danny also had a birthday in September, pretty mild one this year; doesn't that suck that the older you get, the less hoopla is made over your birthday. We still love ya though Dan!!! At least you got to play golf in September, Danny had two golf tournaments to play in; the first was for one of his customers in Charlotte, and the second was the 6th annual NYK Logistics golf tournament. Danny and his office have hosted this golf tournament since its inception and it is really fun. It was a good time for me to get away as well, meet some of his staff, and a have a great dinner (thanks again to the Marchicas). Another great event for us this September was attending the opening night premiere of The Biggest Loser. As many of you know one of my oldest friends, Heba, is appearing on the show with her husband Ed. We were honored to have been invited to the opening night celebration at The Franklin Hotel. We are watching every week and cheering them both on until the finals!!! Check them out at the Biggest Loser website. Emerson and I also ventured to the NC Museum of Life and Science with Monica, my dear friend, and her boys and my godchildren, Carter and Cameron; and with Ann, another dear friend, and her boys Connor and Will. Yes, Emerson was the only girl amongst all boys; but I think she held her own. The last big event for us in September, really October 4th, was Cameron Malboeuf's Carnival themed birthday. Emerson had a blast at the party.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy hearing and catching up on the Dever's escapades…hopefully when I get more caught up on blogging…stories will become a more regular feature.

Enjoy the pictures below (click on link)….