Monday, March 2, 2009

Do you see the snow?

This morning, as most of us were rising, we were greeted by several inches of snow on the ground. As adults, we knew this was coming and had heard about it pretty much all day from one media outlet or another. But for a toddler, it is a different experience to go to bed with no white stuff on the ground and to wake up to a winter wonderland....... After getting Emerson out of her crib this morning, I opened her bedroom blinds and said, "Let's look outside." Still half-asleep, she obliged and took a look outside. I said, "Emerson, do you see the snow?" Her response, with eyes now bright and wide open, "Mommy, look No (aka: snow)!!!" I said, "Do you remember playing in the snow?" Her response, now kicking her feet and wailing her arms in excitement, "No, No, No!!!! (again toddler lingo for snow)" After getting her dressed, we still had socks and shoes to put on until we were ready to leave for school. Emerson was cuddled up with her puppy(stuffed animal she carries everywhere), waiting patiently for me to get her shoes. I told her, while she waited, to show puppy the snow.....(She picked up her puppy and pointed his head to the window, as if to show him the snow.) Emerson: "Puppy," she says in a very inquisitive and high pitched voice, "..see 'da No?" When he didn't answer, she asked again in a very firm voice..... "PUPPY, SEE 'DA NO!!" Guess it goes to show, she does remember her first snow fall from last month and she wants everyone, including puppy, to enjoy it as much as she did.