Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chapter 11 Blogruptcy

For a long time now, several of my blog readers (not that there are many of you) have asked the question "when are you going to post another blog?" This is a very valid question because as some of you may recall I started this blog with all intentions of updating it on a regular basis and really making this a vehicle for people to stay up-to-date with the Devers (those of you that wanted to). Well, that hasn't really happened, hence, the last blog was on March 2nd and before that it was November 3rd. As you can imagine jobs, a one year old, friends, family, charity, and pretty much life got in the way. But, I shouldn't use that as an I am officially starting over (new blog look and all). I am officially filing for and declaring Chapter 11 blogruptcy. I am wiping the slate clean. Emerson just turned two on 7/9/09 and now is as good of time as any to start blogging and really keep it up since there will be so many fun stories to tell. So I am not stressing myself out about trying to update you on the last 8 months. The months that I missed are a wash (for you guys, at least) and those stories and events will be etched into my brain as a memory. I will however, post pictures (a request from several readers; again, not many of you) of the months everyone has missed. But I am making a promise to myself, to my friends, family and to my 5 followers (ha!) that I will update this blog on a more regular basis. So let this be my official declaration of CHAPTER 11 BLOGRUPTCY...and let's hope this is the only Chapter 11 I ever have to file. So, get ready to be blogundated with fun stories and adventures of the Devers with their crazy two year old. Birthdays blogs are around the corner along with picture updates. Stayed tuned for Flashback Fridays (name taken from a friend's blog) when I start flooding you with pictures from the past 8 months. Thanks to those loyal blog followers and sorry to have let you down. I am hoping this attempt won't be as febel. More to come.....

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