Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Show-and-Tell #1 - Puppy

Taking a page from the Queen blogger herself, my dear friend and neighbor, Ms. Amy Herman; I am going to start the same tradition of blogging about the fun items Emerson takes to school for Show-and-Tell each Friday. This is a new activity that she gets to experience in her new big girl classroom that she recently moved up to. This weeks item was her favorite, and I do mean FAVORITE stuffed animal....her pink puppy; a gift from her mommy and daddy for Valentine's Day 2009. We tried to call the puppy Pinkie and Dottie but they never stuck, so affectionately and simplistically the puppy is named Puppy. Emerson carries Puppy pretty much everywhere, has conversations with her, pets her, feeds her, lets her watch Dora with her, and most importantly strangles her at night while sleeping. Every night Puppy and Emerson curl up, share the pillow and cuddle tight to dreamland. So, Puppy holds a special place in our household and now Emerson has shared her love of Puppy with all her toddler friends at school!!!

Friday, 7.24.09

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