Friday, July 31, 2009

Show and Tell #2 - (7.31.09)

This weeks Show and Tell item is all about music. Emerson got her xylophone from Danny and me for Christmas 2008. She goes through spurts of playing it and then having nothing to do with it but Danny and I are hoping that she will develop a love of music! She comes from a pretty musical family....Mommy and Daddy love all types of music (pop, rock, country, rap, classical and everything in between), Mimi is all about soul and Motown, Birdie loves classic rock and his favorite is the Beatles and Papa is all about the golden oldies, especially Patsy Cline. Emerson's cousins are musical as well, Cousin Corey (Coco) plays the saxophone and Alice is a cellist in New York City and has performed throughout the US and Europe and even in Carnegie Hall; she is also the Director of Ten Strings Music Studio. Aunt Sissy and Uncle Perfect have also had their hands in the music industry including The Greensboro Symphony, The Boca Raton Pops, and most currently Aunt Sissy is the Executive Director of the Eastern Music Festival. When Emerson was born, Aunt Sissy said that Emerson's hands are perfect to be a pianist because her fingers are so long....maybe this xylophone is a segway to learning all her musical notes and her musical career!!!!

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