Monday, August 31, 2009


For a long time now we have been praying with Emerson before she goes to bed.  It first started with us saying the whole, "Now I lay me down to sleep....." prayer to Emerson and she would say Amen (see blog post).  Then recently, she started reciting it line for line with us (well, with Mommy, 'cause she won't let Danny put her to bed).  And even more recently, we started asking her who she wanted to pray for every night.  Her usual response is Mommy, Daddy, the grandparents, immediate family and friends, the neighbors, sometimes her Dora, and her know, the usual list of about 20 or so people.

Well last night, when Mimi and I were putting Emerson to bed, I asked her to pray with Mimi and me so that Mimi could hear her pray and then Mimi was going to put her to bed.  So we started in on "Now I lay me down to sleep" ....and so on and so on.  When we were finished, this is how the conversation went:

Brooke: "Emerson, who do you want to pray for tonight?"
Emerson: "Mommy and Daddy"
Brooke: "Who else?"
Emerson: "Mommy and Daddy"
Brooke: "There has to be someone else you want to pray for"
Emerson: "Mommy's sisters!"
Brooke: "Mommy's sisters? But Emerson, Mommy doesn't have any sisters!"
Emerson: "Mommy you no have any sisters?" (very inquisative)
Brooke: "No Emerson, Mommy doesn't have any sisters or any brothers either, she is an only child." (with a sad look on my face)
Emerson "OHHHHHH!!!" (with a tone in her voice that even the biggest snob couldn't emulate...a I was not cool now because I didn't have any brothers or sisters and a tone that said, you better not make me be an only child.)

Hope this isn't a hint!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Emerson isn't much of a pasta eater....which is weird, because I love pasta but I, too, don't eat it often.  So it is very rare that we give Emerson pasta.  Last year, and I swear we haven't done it since, we gave Emerson ravioli one evening.  We took a clue from our neighbors, who strip their children down to the diaper to eat ravioli, and we did the same thing for Emerson.  We let her go to town.....and this was the outcome.


So the other night we decided to give Emerson ravioli again, for only like the third time in her life.   We figure she's older, wiser and knows how to use a spoon/fork now. Again, I stripped Emerson down to her diaper...I wasn't taking any chances with this one.  I put her plate down with a bowl of greenbeans on the side.  Like any good toddler Emerson was eating her greenbeans and hadn't touched her ravioli.  

Brooke says: Emerson, try to eat some of your ravioli.
Emerson says: But mommy, I don't have my poon!?!?!?
(That would be spoon for all you non-toddler talkers!!)
(She said this with a slight hint in her voice as if to say,  You crazy woman, how am I supposed to eat this without a you want me to use my hands?  I would be a mess)

I had ultimately forgotten to give her a spoon; I probably thought she would just use her hands anyway.  But, in the end, it really didn't matter.  Our outcome almost a year later, and with honed spoon and fork abilities, turned out almost the same way it did a year earlier.  But even though she was a mess, I know she had a fun time eating it with her hands "poon"!!!

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday Ya'll!!!!!
(January Update)
Sorry there wasn't a post last week...I took a week off from Flashback Friday-ing to go to Charlotte and spend time with Danny, his brother (Ed), our sister-in-law (Diane), and our nephew (Corey)....Along with some other crazy cats, you all know who you are.  I also got to see my dear friends Ginger and Laurel Anne.  So, it was totally worth taking the time off of blogging.  Anyways we are back in the swing of things this week with our Flashback.  We last left you with all (sorry about that !) our pictures from December.  Now we are moving onto January and some fun adventures.  This month's pictures include:

*Some good times with our neighbors and dear friends, the Hermans - you will see their girls Ivie and Macie  
*Emerson practicing eating with a fork 
*The first snow storm of the season- I think this was only one of two or three that we had all year, and it was by far, not a "storm" at all. Also, check out my blog post from the 2nd snow of the season.  
*Emerson and Ivie's first sleepover - Ivie's parents had to go out of town unexpectedly and so we kept her for the evening.  It was all fine until she had to sleep in our "very scary" guest room....(also, ignore Emerson's eye in those pictures, it was just before an ear infection and she had a very swollen and inflamed eye).
     January Pictures
    Note: If for any reason a caption gets cut off...just mouse over it, to read the whole thing.

    Until next week, Enjoy!!!

    Show and Tell #6 - (8.28.09)

    QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK, QUACK.....This weeks Show and Tell item has been a part of Emerson's life since she was about 3 months old.  This yellow duck was given to her by Mimi and Birdie.  As a baby she loved the soft duck and the "quack, quack" sound it made.  She would laugh and laugh at it.  When she got a bit bigger, Danny and I used it as a coax to try to get her to start rolling over....she would do anything to get to that duck!!  As a toddler it was used in a professional photography session to make Emerson a bit less nervous and to hopefully bring some smiles to her face.  We have ceased playing with the duck as much as we used to but when Emerson heard that familiar "Quack, Quack" noise this morning....I think it all came back to her because she was grinning from ear to ear and now that she can talk, she affectionately said, "My Ducky!!!" .....maybe the duck won't get put into the baby toy tupperware quite yet. 

    Saturday, August 22, 2009

    Show and Tell #5 - (8.21.09)

    This weeks Show and Tell item is very new to the Dever household. Baby Fisher was brought into our lives at Emerson's 2nd birthday party. She was given to Emerson by Kayla, one of her classmates and this Little Mommy Newborn doll is as cute as can be; Emerson just ADORES her. We affectionately named the doll Fisher (after her maker Fisher Price). Fisher has found her way into Emerson's crib at night and has recently knocked out Baby Abby for the top spot next to Emerson and Puppy. Although new to the household...I have a feeling Fisher will be a permanent fixture for a long time.
    PS- Shout out to Monica for the monogrammed Polo shirt. It's great having a friend that works at Polo Corporate!! The shirt was adorable.

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Emerson's day with Mimi and Birdie - GUEST POST (sorry there are no spaces, blogger is acting up)

    On Saturday, both Danny and I had different plans that, unfortunately, didn't include Emerson. Danny went to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival with his parents in Cary and I headed to Sanford for a co-workers baby shower. Emerson was lucky enough to spend the day with Mimi and Birdie. I asked Mimi and Birdie to write a guest post about their day with Emerson, the post they wrote follows below:

    We started our day with Emerson at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. Her favorite place in the museum was SoundSpace: where she ran and danced for at least 30 minutes. She loved singing and dancing Ring-Around-the-Rosey with Mimi. Periodically, she had the entire room to herself and could not stop moving and running from corner to corner. After SoundSpace we headed to Loblolly Park where she created her own music and played with the water pumps. We decided to eat lunch at Grayson's Cafe, not realizing how crowded and HOT it would be at 12 noon; it reminded Mimi of a Cafe in Cancun, Mexico (inside family joke). Emerson was so hungry by the time Birdie arrived with the food, she was kicking her feet, waving her arms, and calling his name loudly. After several position changes in the high chair (made so that she could see everything and eat at the same time), we settled down and enjoyed our lunch except for the heat and insects that Emerson kept shooing away. After lunch, Birdie said to Emerson, "Let's go see the Bear," to which she responded, "NO BEAR, BIRDIE!!!" Maybe Birdie will get to see the bear on the next trip.

    Realizing "NAP" time would be here soon, we started making our way back to the car. Of course, we had to stop one more time at the water and drums. As we were approaching the water area, a very cute toddler ran by Emerson and to Mimi's surprise, Emerson complimented the tot on her trendy attire by saying, "CUTE SHOES!!" Unfortunately, Mimi was not quick enough with the new camera to get a pic of the purple tennis shoes. We ended the day by stopping at the Gift Shop, where Emerson enjoyed playing with the train and Birdie purchased a "hot pink" Glow Worm for Emerson prior to leaving.

    As soon as Emerson was settled in the car we heard her regular request for "moosic", so without further delay her favorite CD was turned on and she was fast asleep in no time flat. When we arrived at our house, the plan was to get Emerson out of the car while she was still asleep and put her on our bed for her nap. That was all successful until Mimi laid her down and reached to turn on a fan for "white noise." At that moment, Emerson lifted her head and asked, "What's that?" Mimi laid down beside her hoping she would fall back to sleep, No Such Luck!! Well, at least she slept for about 30 minutes....better than no nap at all.

    After her "Nap" we decided to go to Lickity Split in Meadowmont for some ice cream. On the way there, Birdie said he wanted chocolate ice cream and Emerson repeated several times, "chocolate." That was going to be her choice until we got there and she saw her favorite color PINK; Strawberry it would be for her. Periodically, Emerson would go to Birdie for a lick of his chocolate and without fail, would then run around the table to Mimi and say, "Look at my face!" This became a game that continued until Birdie finished his chocolate cone. Emerson has been to Meadowmont many times, so there was no way we were leaving until she got to go to the water fountain and throw in some pennies. Birdie gave her all the pennies he had but Emerson, of course, wanted MORE! I told Birdie that I had some pennies in my coin holder in the car, but he really didn't want to walk back to the car, so he reached into his pocket and pulled out a dime, a nickel, and a quarter. Once Emerson surveyed the coins she said, "I want big one." Birdie gave in and gave her all three. Our only wish from the coin toss is that we are able to spend many more good times and days with Emerson. Below are some pictures and a video montage from our day with Emerson.

    Enjoy, we know we did!!!

    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    The Grocery Store

    Almost every Sunday faithfully and religiously (no pun intended) we go to Target instead of church. Yes, we realize that we should be at church instead of going to Target and that day will surely come; but for now we love our Sunday morning trips to Target. It's quiet, calm and we basically have the whole store to ourselves. We have our routine of getting breakfast, eating it while we shop, checking out with basically the same cashier every Sunday, seeing our school friend Melania and her parents doing the same thing, Emerson helping us put items on the check-out belt, and ending it all with a sticker for Emerson!!!! Right now, it is our perfect Sunday morning!! Last year, Emerson received a shopping cart for her birthday. We have to admit, it acutally sat in the box until about 3 months ago. This year for her birthday, Mimi and Birdie gave Emerson all the food to go in the shopping cart. (I know it is horrible that we didn't complete the set for a whole year.) So a couple of Sundays ago, after our Target trip and after a very long nap...I told Emerson that we would play grocery store before Mommy had to go to work (I had a Sunday event to be at.) So, while Emerson was taking her afternoon nap, I sat out all her "groceries" in various places around the house. And of course the OCD in me sorted them by category: dairy, veggies, meats, fruits, canned goods, etc. When Emerson got up....we had her cart ready to go and off she went. Hopefully this will be a game we play a lot in the Dever household.

    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Flashback Friday

    It's Flashback Friday Ya'll!!!!
    (December update)
    We just finished sharing the November pictures with you guys and now it's time for December. December was a crazy month for us, as you can imagine and there are a lot of pictures. One reason is because of the time of year and it is just a great time for pictures. The other reason is because Mommy got her Christmas present early....a new camera. Let the picture taking begin. December's pictures include: Christmas Card photo shoots, Brooke and Danny's trip to Hollywood, random shots trying out the camera, Christmas Eve at the Dever's, Christmas Day at home and at the Bandy's, and our family trip to Topsail Island. You will also see the photo shoot of our annual picture with "Santa Claus"....Emerson wouldn't go near a Santa at the mall this year so we had to get one of Daddy Santa. Until next Friday.......!!!
    Emerson's First and Second Christmas

    Show and Tell #4 - (08.14.09)

    This week's Show and Tell item is also from Emerson's first Christmas. Emerson was given Baby's First Giggles Doll by Betsy and Terry, dear family friends. When you press on the baby's belly, she laughes and giggles. Emerson loved to hear her laugh and would always crack a great big smile when she heard the baby. The baby is also very plush and fluffy, which is perfect for a small baby (and a toddler) to enjoy!!!

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    Sunday Afternoon Pops!!!

    This past Sunday, while Danny was cutting the grass....I decided to give Emerson a cool treat 'cause it was a HOT one!!! So we pulled out the contraption that Mimi and Birdie gave Emerson for her birthday, the DRIPSTIK. This crazy thing is holds a popsicle on one end, and an ice cream cone on the other end. It has a cup that catches sticky drips from those frozen treats. The best thing of all though, is that it was invented by a mother (of 5)!!! Emerson had a great time eating her banana popsicle and I am sure we will have many more summer nights eating frozen treats...especially since we now have a way to eat them and stay clean; something Mommy really enjoys!!!!

    Saturday, August 8, 2009

    Flashback Friday - (repost with good link)

    It's Flashback Friday Ya'll!!!
    (November update)
    When we last left you we had shared October 2008 pictures with you. November was just as busy of a month for the Devers as October was. The November pictures include: the CHCC annual Fall Carnival, a Ravioli Fiasco, Emerson's first trip to Tar Heel Town, and some other shots. I have also included two videos for you this time.....Emerson dancing at Tar Heel Town and Emerson practicing puppy after her Ravioli Fiasco. Until next Friday.....!!!
    Click here for
    The Tar Heel Dance Video
    Practicing Puppy Video

    Friday, August 7, 2009

    Show and Tell #3 - (8.7.09)

    Today's Show and Tell item is a mommy fave. I got this Lamaze Chime Garden toy for Emerson's first Christmas. I fell in love with this toy in the store when I first saw it. When you press on the flowers they light up and play such great music. Emerson played with this toy all the time and when I pulled it out last night for her to take to school today, she even sat on the floor and played with it. Here are some of the many pictures with Emerson and one of her favorite toys......

    Monday, August 3, 2009

    My Tiny Dancer

    Anyone that knows me well, knows that dancing has been part of my life since I was 3 years old. Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern dance classes consumed my life from ages 3 to 18; not to mention that I just love to dance. I spent most of my after school afternoons at Bounds Dance Studio in Chapel Hill. My parents will tell you about all the driving to and from class they did weekly before I could do it myself. (When most parents dreaded for their teenagers to get their license, mine were happy...NO MORE DRIVING to the dance studio twice a day, 5 times a week). They will recount the lengthy (and probably boring) recitals they had to sit through, only to see me onstage for 3 minutes and the costumes, oh the costumes they had to buy yearly for not one but likely 4 different dances of a recital. Then there were the group and individual pictures, videos, and t-shirts that my studio sold, and of course I got them all. I still have every dance costume I ever wore, every video of every recital, and I think I even have all my dance shoes....and they have all been stored away in a Tupperware container waiting for the day that I had a little ballerina of my own (God willing) to share them with. Well my friends, my little ballerina came and our dance days have begun. One of Emerson's closest friends in her class is Ms. Haegan. She and Emerson adore each other. Well last week Haegan's mom, Kerry, mentioned to me that Haegan's next dance class was "Bring Your Friend to Class" week; and she asked if we wanted to join them. Dance class?? Are you kidding me, of course I wanted to go and take Emerson. She already loves to dance and like any toddler, is finding out how to dance to the rhythm of different kinds of music. It was going to be so much fun to actually see her in a structured dance class. So this past week, I headed to Target to buy Emerson a leotard and skirt...I was almost giddy in the children's section picking this stuff out!!! I talked about this all week to Emerson and she knew that on Saturday morning we were going to dance with Haegan.
    Saturday morning we headed out to dance class but not before taking some pictures (of course!!!).
    Take note: she looks really happy in these pictures and is very excited about going to class.
    We got to class about 5 minutes before it was to start and waited for Haegan and her mom to arrive. Danny says that from the moment we walked into the studio, Emerson was grabbing his neck just a bit harder than before we walked in, but that all seemed to change when she saw Haegan. Since everyone was there we ventured back to the classroom and that's when excitement and joy turned to terror. Haegan and Emerson both started crying when it was time to go into the classroom....but the teachers were great and just whisked them in and closed the door. It was hard though, because I could see Emerson crying....and if you know Emerson, you know she isn't much of a cryer; so she when she does cry, you know she is really upset or unhappy. It was hard on me as well...I thought I was going to be able to go in and sit down and watch the class but that wasn't the case. I completely understand why you can't do that though, so I tried to take some pictures through a small window in the door. Emerson was crying and Haegan just sat there....for some reason, our ballerinas, were not in the pirouetting mood that day. Emerson did seem to get a bit happier when they brought the beanie babies out...... I tried to get these pictures as discreetly as possible but I guess Emerson could still see me. At one point a teacher came out and asked if we could move away from the door because Emerson was asking for her mommy (Heartbreak city!!). I ended up going to the lobby and watching the class on a television monitor. All the kids were running around, and dancing. Emerson never moved off her purple star. Even when everyone else was pretending to be tired and falling fast asleep...our ballerina just stood there in the middle of everyone. She did end up playing with the bright colored parachute towards the end.
    I put her name next to all the pictures!!
    After class was over, and Emerson was happy (she got two star stamps instead of one on her arm) we ventured into an empty dance room to see if I could get some non-crying, monitorless pictures. Emerson and Haegan had a ball running around the room. If only she would have had that much fun in the real class.

    On the way home, I asked Emerson if she had fun, her reply, "Yes, but I cry lot". Yes, Emerson, you did cry "lot" but that's okay...we know you will be a great dancer one day. In true dad form, Danny asked Emerson if she wanted to be a dancer or a golfer, and she replied (much to the delight of her mother) "Dancer!!" I guess we didn't traumatize her too much although golfer wouldn't be a bad runner-up!

    My favorite picture from the day!!