Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emerson's day with Mimi and Birdie - GUEST POST (sorry there are no spaces, blogger is acting up)

On Saturday, both Danny and I had different plans that, unfortunately, didn't include Emerson. Danny went to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival with his parents in Cary and I headed to Sanford for a co-workers baby shower. Emerson was lucky enough to spend the day with Mimi and Birdie. I asked Mimi and Birdie to write a guest post about their day with Emerson, the post they wrote follows below:

We started our day with Emerson at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. Her favorite place in the museum was SoundSpace: where she ran and danced for at least 30 minutes. She loved singing and dancing Ring-Around-the-Rosey with Mimi. Periodically, she had the entire room to herself and could not stop moving and running from corner to corner. After SoundSpace we headed to Loblolly Park where she created her own music and played with the water pumps. We decided to eat lunch at Grayson's Cafe, not realizing how crowded and HOT it would be at 12 noon; it reminded Mimi of a Cafe in Cancun, Mexico (inside family joke). Emerson was so hungry by the time Birdie arrived with the food, she was kicking her feet, waving her arms, and calling his name loudly. After several position changes in the high chair (made so that she could see everything and eat at the same time), we settled down and enjoyed our lunch except for the heat and insects that Emerson kept shooing away. After lunch, Birdie said to Emerson, "Let's go see the Bear," to which she responded, "NO BEAR, BIRDIE!!!" Maybe Birdie will get to see the bear on the next trip.

Realizing "NAP" time would be here soon, we started making our way back to the car. Of course, we had to stop one more time at the water and drums. As we were approaching the water area, a very cute toddler ran by Emerson and to Mimi's surprise, Emerson complimented the tot on her trendy attire by saying, "CUTE SHOES!!" Unfortunately, Mimi was not quick enough with the new camera to get a pic of the purple tennis shoes. We ended the day by stopping at the Gift Shop, where Emerson enjoyed playing with the train and Birdie purchased a "hot pink" Glow Worm for Emerson prior to leaving.

As soon as Emerson was settled in the car we heard her regular request for "moosic", so without further delay her favorite CD was turned on and she was fast asleep in no time flat. When we arrived at our house, the plan was to get Emerson out of the car while she was still asleep and put her on our bed for her nap. That was all successful until Mimi laid her down and reached to turn on a fan for "white noise." At that moment, Emerson lifted her head and asked, "What's that?" Mimi laid down beside her hoping she would fall back to sleep, No Such Luck!! Well, at least she slept for about 30 minutes....better than no nap at all.

After her "Nap" we decided to go to Lickity Split in Meadowmont for some ice cream. On the way there, Birdie said he wanted chocolate ice cream and Emerson repeated several times, "chocolate." That was going to be her choice until we got there and she saw her favorite color PINK; Strawberry it would be for her. Periodically, Emerson would go to Birdie for a lick of his chocolate and without fail, would then run around the table to Mimi and say, "Look at my face!" This became a game that continued until Birdie finished his chocolate cone. Emerson has been to Meadowmont many times, so there was no way we were leaving until she got to go to the water fountain and throw in some pennies. Birdie gave her all the pennies he had but Emerson, of course, wanted MORE! I told Birdie that I had some pennies in my coin holder in the car, but he really didn't want to walk back to the car, so he reached into his pocket and pulled out a dime, a nickel, and a quarter. Once Emerson surveyed the coins she said, "I want big one." Birdie gave in and gave her all three. Our only wish from the coin toss is that we are able to spend many more good times and days with Emerson. Below are some pictures and a video montage from our day with Emerson.

Enjoy, we know we did!!!

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