Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday Ya'll!!!!!
(January Update)
Sorry there wasn't a post last week...I took a week off from Flashback Friday-ing to go to Charlotte and spend time with Danny, his brother (Ed), our sister-in-law (Diane), and our nephew (Corey)....Along with some other crazy cats, you all know who you are.  I also got to see my dear friends Ginger and Laurel Anne.  So, it was totally worth taking the time off of blogging.  Anyways we are back in the swing of things this week with our Flashback.  We last left you with all (sorry about that !) our pictures from December.  Now we are moving onto January and some fun adventures.  This month's pictures include:

*Some good times with our neighbors and dear friends, the Hermans - you will see their girls Ivie and Macie  
*Emerson practicing eating with a fork 
*The first snow storm of the season- I think this was only one of two or three that we had all year, and it was by far, not a "storm" at all. Also, check out my blog post from the 2nd snow of the season.  
*Emerson and Ivie's first sleepover - Ivie's parents had to go out of town unexpectedly and so we kept her for the evening.  It was all fine until she had to sleep in our "very scary" guest room....(also, ignore Emerson's eye in those pictures, it was just before an ear infection and she had a very swollen and inflamed eye).
     January Pictures
    Note: If for any reason a caption gets cut off...just mouse over it, to read the whole thing.

    Until next week, Enjoy!!!

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