Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Grocery Store

Almost every Sunday faithfully and religiously (no pun intended) we go to Target instead of church. Yes, we realize that we should be at church instead of going to Target and that day will surely come; but for now we love our Sunday morning trips to Target. It's quiet, calm and we basically have the whole store to ourselves. We have our routine of getting breakfast, eating it while we shop, checking out with basically the same cashier every Sunday, seeing our school friend Melania and her parents doing the same thing, Emerson helping us put items on the check-out belt, and ending it all with a sticker for Emerson!!!! Right now, it is our perfect Sunday morning!! Last year, Emerson received a shopping cart for her birthday. We have to admit, it acutally sat in the box until about 3 months ago. This year for her birthday, Mimi and Birdie gave Emerson all the food to go in the shopping cart. (I know it is horrible that we didn't complete the set for a whole year.) So a couple of Sundays ago, after our Target trip and after a very long nap...I told Emerson that we would play grocery store before Mommy had to go to work (I had a Sunday event to be at.) So, while Emerson was taking her afternoon nap, I sat out all her "groceries" in various places around the house. And of course the OCD in me sorted them by category: dairy, veggies, meats, fruits, canned goods, etc. When Emerson got up....we had her cart ready to go and off she went. Hopefully this will be a game we play a lot in the Dever household.

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  1. Love the pics and video! Very cute to set the food around the house like at the grocery store. The problem at my house is that you wouldn't be able to find the food amongst all the other mess... :-/