Friday, August 28, 2009


Emerson isn't much of a pasta eater....which is weird, because I love pasta but I, too, don't eat it often.  So it is very rare that we give Emerson pasta.  Last year, and I swear we haven't done it since, we gave Emerson ravioli one evening.  We took a clue from our neighbors, who strip their children down to the diaper to eat ravioli, and we did the same thing for Emerson.  We let her go to town.....and this was the outcome.


So the other night we decided to give Emerson ravioli again, for only like the third time in her life.   We figure she's older, wiser and knows how to use a spoon/fork now. Again, I stripped Emerson down to her diaper...I wasn't taking any chances with this one.  I put her plate down with a bowl of greenbeans on the side.  Like any good toddler Emerson was eating her greenbeans and hadn't touched her ravioli.  

Brooke says: Emerson, try to eat some of your ravioli.
Emerson says: But mommy, I don't have my poon!?!?!?
(That would be spoon for all you non-toddler talkers!!)
(She said this with a slight hint in her voice as if to say,  You crazy woman, how am I supposed to eat this without a you want me to use my hands?  I would be a mess)

I had ultimately forgotten to give her a spoon; I probably thought she would just use her hands anyway.  But, in the end, it really didn't matter.  Our outcome almost a year later, and with honed spoon and fork abilities, turned out almost the same way it did a year earlier.  But even though she was a mess, I know she had a fun time eating it with her hands "poon"!!!

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