Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fast Asleep....

We have had another bout of sickness in the Dever household this week.  Since Monday we have been dealing with a high fever and then Monday night in the middle of the night, it turned into a very bad cough.  Let' just say we didn't get much sleep that night (you know it's a bad night when you're doing a breathing treatment at 1:30 am).  So we headed to the doctor on Tuesday to find out that Emerson has Croup (and possibly the flu).  The doctor really said she couldn't treat her for the flu because her fever had been going on for 48 hours.  It makes no sense to me, but I guess you have to trust the doctors, right?  So the doctor said she thought the main thing to treat would be the croupy cough and decided the best course of action would be two steroid shots....not fun when you have a toddler that starts to whimper immediately when you walk in the doctors office because her last memory of the place is two shots in the leg.  So now, not only did we have a croupy baby, we had a hysterical one from the pain of two injections to her upper thighs.  Emerson seemed to do better during the day yesterday (she did take a 3 1/2 hour nap, a bit unusual for her but she had been up for 3 hours in the middle of the night) and into the night, but she was still running a slight fever.  Danny and I decided to keep her out of school today (mainly because that is the rule at our daycare - children must be fever free for 24 hours before coming back to school). 

Danny had to go to work today, so I was the lucky one that got to stay home with our sweet girl :) !!!  Emerson seemed to be her normal self all morning...a bit stir crazy, but seemed better and only ran a low grade fever (low enough that she can still go to school - the rule is 101).  She did great with her breathing treatments and her coughing and breathing seemed to be getting better.

Yay, we were in the clear.  So, like most naps on the weekend, I gave Emerson a sippy of milk and let her watch a Dora.  Usually while she is watching a Dora, Danny and I will continue to do things around the house (well on the second floor of our house), checking on her occasionally, we trust her not to get out of bed, especially because we know how much she loves Dora.  So I folded some clothes while Emerson watched her Dora this afternoon....when I went in to check on her, this is what I found:

Our sweet girl was FAST ASLEEP...she didn't even make it through Dora, so you know she didn't feel great if she didn't stay awake for Dora.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday Ya'll!!!!
(April Update)

Ahhh yes, another Friday for flashing back to the past.  When I last left you, on my weekly updates, we had just looked at pictures from March.  April was just as busy for the Devers as March was.  We were so excited that our Tar Heels won a National Championship.  Danny was actually here this year and got to experience the madness that is Franklin Street after the game.  It truly is a once in a lifetime (well, hopefully not) experience and any good Tar Heel fan should at least see it once.

Brooke and Danny were also very busy at work.  I was in the throes of event season with an average of 3 events a week and Danny had trips to Charlotte, Ohio, Detroit, and Jacksonville. I was also busy preparing for the Beach Ball,which is annual fundraiser I participate in for UNC's Lineberger Cancer Center.  I am the fundraising chair for the auction aspects of the event and I am in charge of securing all donations.  At times it can be rather time consuming, especially towards the end; but it is for a great cause and I love doing it!!  Brooke and Danny also celebrated their 7 year anniversary in April and, like all good tired parents with a toddler and full time jobs do, we did absolutely nothing.  Maybe we did dinner, I don't really remember; I guess we need to get better at celebrating things like that!!!

Emerson was also a very busy little girl this month and April was all about having fun.  This is the first year, Emerson really got to enjoy Easter.  She still didn't quite understand the concept of the Easter Bunny but she loved finding eggs.  She had an Easter Egg hunt at her school that the parents were invited to attend.  So I headed out to take some pictures of all the fun.  (This was also picture day at school....Emerson didn't do so well and refused to get her picture taken.  Let's hope this Fall goes a bit better).  Emerson was visited by the Easter bunny and loved getting all her goodies.  I think there is a picture, that you will see, of her face when she came down that was classic!!  We also did a great Easter Egg Hunt in our yard with our neighbors, The Hermans.  I think the girls really enjoyed it and I am hoping we make it a yearly tradition.  More fun continued at Ivie Herman's third birthday party.  Ivie had the Party Bus come for her looked like tons of fun but Emerson was still a bit weary, so she watched from the sidelines.

April was also an unfortunate month for Emerson.   We had been battling ear infections since about January and we were told by our doctor that Emerson would have to get tubes, so we had our consultation with the doctor and made our appointment for May....more on that next month. 

So that was April in a nutshell....I hope you will enjoy the pictures and until next week.....

(click here for pictures)

*Reminder: the captions for pictures are above the picture and if the caption is too long and gets cut off...just mouse over it and you can read the whole thing!!! 

Show and Tell #9 - (9.17.09)

This weeks Show and Tell item is brand new in the Dever household and was prompted from my softball blog on Monday evening.  Emerson's god mother and my dear friend, Monica, was so excited to see that Emerson showed an interest in softball.  Monica has two boys, Carter and Cameron, and has been a soccer/baseball/softball/tball mom for awhile...she knows all about sports.  She couldn't believe that I, Brooke Dever, let my little girly girl play around with such things.  She immediately called me after she got the blog post from Monday evening and said..."I am sending her a glove and ball today, don't go buy it!!" Which I promptly replied, "that is great, just make sure it's PINK." (She had already planned to get Emerson the pink one after seeing it in her local Target).  Well sure enough, the glove and ball arrived on Wednesday afternoon and Emerson was super excited to see it and play with it.  I know most people think I won't let my child play softball or soccer or anything that isn't girly, and that I will put her in cheer leading, dance and gymnastics instead.  Well the truth is, I will support Emerson in anything she does and will cheer her on to the best of my long as it's pink and she can wear a tutu!!! (wink, wink)  All kidding aside...I will support and love anything she does!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We all know that recycling is very important for our environment. Here at the Dever Dish, we think it is key to teach our youth and next generation about the value of recycling. Danny and I started this initiative very early with Emerson; we made recycling fun and almost game-like for her. We saved (and still save) everything, that is possibly recyclable, for Emerson and she is the one to put it in the recycling bin. As most of you know, I recycle pretty much anything that can be recycled. I'm not a tree hugger yet (especially driving that big SUV of mine) but I am doing my part to recycle and teach my daughter the value of recycling, so hopefully she and her kids (and their kids) can have an earth to live on.

Here's a little Dever Dish PSA on recycling......excuse the annoying woman (me) in the background who literally says "Recycling" about 50 times!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Danny is playing on a Parks and Rec softball team this year named The Children Left Behind (most of the team is made up of teachers). "Playing" isn't really a good way to describe what his team is doing.....they are mostly losing, BIG TIME; but it isn't about winning or losing, right? The games are on Monday and Wednesday nights at either 6:30, 7:45 or 9:00 pm. Most of the games, thus far, have been at 7:45 or 9:00 but tonight's game was at 6:30, so Emerson and I thought we would go cheer Daddy to (hopefully) a victory.
Immediately when we got there, Danny had to go throw the ball and warm-up. Well, Emerson wanted to be right next to her Daddy (for the whole evening actually). Luckily Danny didn't have to play for the first couple of innings so he was able to play around and throw the ball with Emerson. She wouldn't let go of that yellow ball. She loved it and carried it around with her all night. Once Daddy got put in the game Emerson stood at the fence and just yelled for her Daddy. "Daddy, Daddy, Go Daddy!!! Good Job!" She was so happy to watch him on both the catcher and pitcher position. She had no clue they lost 24 - 1...she was so proud of Daddy no matter what!!! Although she should have been proud of his pitching. The one time he did get to pitch, he got 3 up and 3 down! (You all like my new softball lingo, right?? I totally had to ask Danny about that to explain it in this blog!!)
Needless to say, Emerson was not happy when we told her it was time to go home. She had a small meltdown but we told her we would come back soon....(Wednesdays game is also a 6:30 game.) Emerson had a great time and I am pretty sure this Sunday's trip to Target will include a small glove and ball on our bill!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Danny!!!

Emerson and I wanted to take a minute
to wish Daddy a very
Thank you for being the best daddy and husband. We love you very much and wish you many more birthdays to come!!
Love, Brooke and Emerson

Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday Ya'll
(March update)
The last time we left you for Flashback Friday, we had just updated you on our February adventures (although, there weren't that many). March was a bit busier for our family. Danny had to travel to both Dallas and Boston and I was pretty heavy into my event season. I was also very busy preparing for Beach Ball ( a fundraiser for Lineberger Cancer Center that I am the auction chair for). Emerson and I took a trip to Burlington to have lunch with Monica (Emerson's god-mother) and her boys, Carter and Cameron (Em's god-brothers). I also took my first stab at consigning some of Emerson's clothing (Danny was so happy to get them out of the house). I took them to a consignment sale called Upscale Resale that happens twice a year. I was actually pretty successful for my first time. For the most part though, our March was spent in front of the television rooting on our Heels during March Madness. April brought them the best victory ever but that's for next week's flashback, right!!!
March Pictures Enjoy and until next week.....
Also check out my Flashback video of the week.....Emerson saying her animal sounds.

Show and Tell #8 - (9.11.09)

This weeks Show and Tell is a family favorite.  Lovey or Lovey Bear has been in our family since Emerson's 1st Christmas.  I found this lovable, cuddly and super soft bear at Restoration Hardware and I just couldn't resist scooping him up.  (These bears make an appearance every Christmas at Resto and I have been tempted to go ahead and buy a replacement for when Lovey loses an eye or an arm for that matter.)  Emerson's first experience with Lovey was under her Christmas tree in her room when I was trying to get the perfect shot for her first Christmas card.  He then promptly went under the tree, wrapped and in a box.  For Emerson's first Christmas, I had all my relatives open her gifts so they could join in the fun and magic of her first Christmas.  Birdie was the lucky one and got to open, in my opinion, one of the best gifts.  Lovey has been a family staple ever since.  He sleeps with Emerson every night, he comforts her when she is sick, he has gone to school a couple of times when she just wasn't sleeping, he has been in the car with her on long trips, he has even watched her take a bath a time or two.  Emerson isn't much for carrying around a "security" item but if she did, I could see Lovey being in the running for top spot.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


We made the conscious decision as parents that we were going to try to be a non-juice family.  We knew there would be times that we would have to give in and there were times we would allow Emerson to drink other things but for the most part we wanted her to only have water and milk.  We are lucky that she loves her water and loves her milk even more; this, on the other hand, doesn't come in handy when a toddler is sick and throwing up. 


This weekend didn't start out great.  We were woken up at 3:30 am on Saturday morning to Emerson crying and then presented with a crib full of throw up when we entered her room.  It was so sad!!  Danny and I thought this may have been caused by a coughing episode and that it might be a one time thing.  We were proven wrong on Saturday.  When Emerson woke up (still under the impression that this was a one time thing) we gave Emerson her routine morning milk but a little less than a normal morning; ten minutes after drinking that, it decided to end up on our kitchen floor.  So it was official, this wasn't a one time thing.  We immediately decided no more milk because we didn't want to deal with the after affects now one of her favorites was out.  Emerson really wanted her milk but after explaining to her that it wasn't best for her tummy, she conceded and moved on to just asking for water; this one she wasn't giving up on.  I, on the other hand, was hoping she would try some Ginger Ale.  So, I sent Danny to the store to get some along with apple juice and Pedialyte, just in case.

We immediately started the BRAT diet and gave Emerson some bites banana and some sips of water.....both came back up and out.  Yes, diarrhea had now set in.  Uh Oh....could "her" water be out as well.  Ginger Ale was now, because I didn't want her to get dehydrated and her electrolytes to get screwed up (I know, I am the daughter of a nurse) and two, because I knew the ginger in the Ginger Ale would help her ailing tummy.  Emerson was not a fan of any of our plans, juice, ginger ale, pedialyte, etc; she wasn't having any of it...all she wanted was water.  After pleading with her, I finally got her to do ice chips, and some sips of ginger ale, but I was getting a bit worried because she still hadn't had a wet diaper, only diarrhea. 

After her nap, I finally gave in and gave her about 3 ounces of water in a sippy cup because she wouldn't give up with asking for water.  Well that was a HORRIBLE idea by me.  It came up about 3 minutes after being down....she had gulped it down so fast that it just irritated her tummy and came right back up.  Back to the BRAT diet....and trying to get her to drink some Ginger Ale.  We did toast for dinner and she seemed to like taking spoon fulls of Ginger Ale and was keeping that down and we were poop and vomit free until this morning.

Then this morning, when Emerson woke up....she was ravenous, but not for food, for (you guessed it) MILK and WATER.  I had to re-explain to her that we couldn't do milk and that we were going to try juice (Ginger Ale).  We did small sips through a straw but obviously we did one too many 'cause her little tummy (that I am sure was shrunken up to nothing) just couldn't take it and she ended up throwing up on me in Mommy and Daddy's bed.  Immediately after she threw up she asked for water (go figure).  We gave her one sip of Ginger Ale (telling her it was water) to clean her mouth out....about 5 minutes later...that came up too (all over Danny), with a lot more liquid than had gone down.  Now Mommy was concerned 'cause Emerson couldn't keep anything down and hadn't had a wet diaper in 24 hours.  We did everything (even lie to Emerson) to try to get Emerson to drink some Ginger Ale; all she wanted was water.  We ventured downstairs and she was ravenous for water, RAVENOUS, screaming for her sippy with water.  We held her off as long as we could coaxing her with Ginger Ale and wasn't working.  Finally Danny gave in and gave her some sips of water through a straw.  Her response:

"Now that's water Daddy!!!" - (like finally they get it) She finally got her water; guess there is no fooling the water connoisseur. 

Needless to say, we seem to be making progress today and haven't had any more poops or throw ups.  We are doing Ginger Ale, water, ice chips, etc; anything to get liquids in her.  We have had two pee pees as well.  Hopefully we are in the homestretch and hopefully she can be back to her water and her milk soon. 

Just imagine what she will say when she gets her great love, MILK for the first time after this!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Magic Word

Anyone that knows our family well, knows that Emerson loves, loves, loves Dora the Explorer. She eats, breathes, sleeps and bathes Dora. We probably let her watch Dora a bit too much, but as you will be able to see from this post...she is at least learning!!!

So a couple of weeks ago on a lazy Saturday or Sunday, Emerson decided she wanted to go outside.  Standing at our back door Emerson and Danny proceeded to have this conversation:

Emerson: Daddy, I wanna go outside.  (in a slightly whiny voice)
Danny: Emerson, what's the magic word?
Emerson: Outside!!!  I wanna go outside.  (a bit more demanding and a little more whine!)
Danny: Emerson, what's the magic word to go outside?
Emerson:  Um, Um, Um, Um......ABRE!!!  (For all you non spanish speaking people...that means OPEN in Spanish) Danny then shot me a look like; did she really just say that. 
Danny: I guess you got me there Emerson, let's go outside. 

She learned the magic word "Abre" from the Dora the Explorer "Save the Prince" episode where Dora is armed with this word to make it through obstacles to save the prince.  Emerson has seen this episode several times and now has realized that "Abre" is associated with opening the gate or door in Emerson's case.  So even though I worry about TOO MUCH Dora...I guess I can say that she is learning something. 

Danny and I have come to realize that we are in for it though; we have a smartie on our hands and everyday she surprises us with little things just like this. 

Friday, September 4, 2009

Show and Tell #7 - (9.04.09)

With all the Carolina events going on this weekend (Alumni basketball game and the first football game), we decided to do a Carolina themed Show and Tell item for this week.  Emerson got this stuffed interlocking NC for her first Christmas from who other than the Herman family.  Leave it to Dale Herman to give my child UNC paraphernalia.  We love it though, and it is perfect for today's Show and Tell!!!

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday Ya'll!!!!
(February Update and Football Games)

In honor of UNC's first football game for the 2009 season, I am flashing back to Emerson's football game experiences. 

This first set of pictures was taken at her first football game, when she was only about 3 months old. We didn't make it for the entire game but she did enjoy the time she was there and even watched all the action pretty intently.

Emerson's second Football game was last fall. It actually wasn't even the game, we just went to Tar Heel Town. Emerson had a blast running around and dancing with Ivie (check out the Tar Heel Dance video from my November Update). We will certainly frequent Tar Heel Town a lot this year.

Now for the actual important content of this Flashback Friday; the February update.  We last left you with January pictures and our fun January adventures. February was a short and quick month for The Dever's. Danny only had 3 trips in February to Atlanta, Virginia, and New York. We didn't have a very busy month, hence the reason the pictures were pretty light. 

Enjoy and until next week.....