Friday, September 18, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday Ya'll!!!!
(April Update)

Ahhh yes, another Friday for flashing back to the past.  When I last left you, on my weekly updates, we had just looked at pictures from March.  April was just as busy for the Devers as March was.  We were so excited that our Tar Heels won a National Championship.  Danny was actually here this year and got to experience the madness that is Franklin Street after the game.  It truly is a once in a lifetime (well, hopefully not) experience and any good Tar Heel fan should at least see it once.

Brooke and Danny were also very busy at work.  I was in the throes of event season with an average of 3 events a week and Danny had trips to Charlotte, Ohio, Detroit, and Jacksonville. I was also busy preparing for the Beach Ball,which is annual fundraiser I participate in for UNC's Lineberger Cancer Center.  I am the fundraising chair for the auction aspects of the event and I am in charge of securing all donations.  At times it can be rather time consuming, especially towards the end; but it is for a great cause and I love doing it!!  Brooke and Danny also celebrated their 7 year anniversary in April and, like all good tired parents with a toddler and full time jobs do, we did absolutely nothing.  Maybe we did dinner, I don't really remember; I guess we need to get better at celebrating things like that!!!

Emerson was also a very busy little girl this month and April was all about having fun.  This is the first year, Emerson really got to enjoy Easter.  She still didn't quite understand the concept of the Easter Bunny but she loved finding eggs.  She had an Easter Egg hunt at her school that the parents were invited to attend.  So I headed out to take some pictures of all the fun.  (This was also picture day at school....Emerson didn't do so well and refused to get her picture taken.  Let's hope this Fall goes a bit better).  Emerson was visited by the Easter bunny and loved getting all her goodies.  I think there is a picture, that you will see, of her face when she came down that was classic!!  We also did a great Easter Egg Hunt in our yard with our neighbors, The Hermans.  I think the girls really enjoyed it and I am hoping we make it a yearly tradition.  More fun continued at Ivie Herman's third birthday party.  Ivie had the Party Bus come for her looked like tons of fun but Emerson was still a bit weary, so she watched from the sidelines.

April was also an unfortunate month for Emerson.   We had been battling ear infections since about January and we were told by our doctor that Emerson would have to get tubes, so we had our consultation with the doctor and made our appointment for May....more on that next month. 

So that was April in a nutshell....I hope you will enjoy the pictures and until next week.....

(click here for pictures)

*Reminder: the captions for pictures are above the picture and if the caption is too long and gets cut off...just mouse over it and you can read the whole thing!!! 

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