Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We all know that recycling is very important for our environment. Here at the Dever Dish, we think it is key to teach our youth and next generation about the value of recycling. Danny and I started this initiative very early with Emerson; we made recycling fun and almost game-like for her. We saved (and still save) everything, that is possibly recyclable, for Emerson and she is the one to put it in the recycling bin. As most of you know, I recycle pretty much anything that can be recycled. I'm not a tree hugger yet (especially driving that big SUV of mine) but I am doing my part to recycle and teach my daughter the value of recycling, so hopefully she and her kids (and their kids) can have an earth to live on.

Here's a little Dever Dish PSA on recycling......excuse the annoying woman (me) in the background who literally says "Recycling" about 50 times!!

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