Friday, September 11, 2009

Show and Tell #8 - (9.11.09)

This weeks Show and Tell is a family favorite.  Lovey or Lovey Bear has been in our family since Emerson's 1st Christmas.  I found this lovable, cuddly and super soft bear at Restoration Hardware and I just couldn't resist scooping him up.  (These bears make an appearance every Christmas at Resto and I have been tempted to go ahead and buy a replacement for when Lovey loses an eye or an arm for that matter.)  Emerson's first experience with Lovey was under her Christmas tree in her room when I was trying to get the perfect shot for her first Christmas card.  He then promptly went under the tree, wrapped and in a box.  For Emerson's first Christmas, I had all my relatives open her gifts so they could join in the fun and magic of her first Christmas.  Birdie was the lucky one and got to open, in my opinion, one of the best gifts.  Lovey has been a family staple ever since.  He sleeps with Emerson every night, he comforts her when she is sick, he has gone to school a couple of times when she just wasn't sleeping, he has been in the car with her on long trips, he has even watched her take a bath a time or two.  Emerson isn't much for carrying around a "security" item but if she did, I could see Lovey being in the running for top spot.

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