Friday, September 18, 2009

Show and Tell #9 - (9.17.09)

This weeks Show and Tell item is brand new in the Dever household and was prompted from my softball blog on Monday evening.  Emerson's god mother and my dear friend, Monica, was so excited to see that Emerson showed an interest in softball.  Monica has two boys, Carter and Cameron, and has been a soccer/baseball/softball/tball mom for awhile...she knows all about sports.  She couldn't believe that I, Brooke Dever, let my little girly girl play around with such things.  She immediately called me after she got the blog post from Monday evening and said..."I am sending her a glove and ball today, don't go buy it!!" Which I promptly replied, "that is great, just make sure it's PINK." (She had already planned to get Emerson the pink one after seeing it in her local Target).  Well sure enough, the glove and ball arrived on Wednesday afternoon and Emerson was super excited to see it and play with it.  I know most people think I won't let my child play softball or soccer or anything that isn't girly, and that I will put her in cheer leading, dance and gymnastics instead.  Well the truth is, I will support Emerson in anything she does and will cheer her on to the best of my long as it's pink and she can wear a tutu!!! (wink, wink)  All kidding aside...I will support and love anything she does!!

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