Sunday, September 6, 2009


We made the conscious decision as parents that we were going to try to be a non-juice family.  We knew there would be times that we would have to give in and there were times we would allow Emerson to drink other things but for the most part we wanted her to only have water and milk.  We are lucky that she loves her water and loves her milk even more; this, on the other hand, doesn't come in handy when a toddler is sick and throwing up. 


This weekend didn't start out great.  We were woken up at 3:30 am on Saturday morning to Emerson crying and then presented with a crib full of throw up when we entered her room.  It was so sad!!  Danny and I thought this may have been caused by a coughing episode and that it might be a one time thing.  We were proven wrong on Saturday.  When Emerson woke up (still under the impression that this was a one time thing) we gave Emerson her routine morning milk but a little less than a normal morning; ten minutes after drinking that, it decided to end up on our kitchen floor.  So it was official, this wasn't a one time thing.  We immediately decided no more milk because we didn't want to deal with the after affects now one of her favorites was out.  Emerson really wanted her milk but after explaining to her that it wasn't best for her tummy, she conceded and moved on to just asking for water; this one she wasn't giving up on.  I, on the other hand, was hoping she would try some Ginger Ale.  So, I sent Danny to the store to get some along with apple juice and Pedialyte, just in case.

We immediately started the BRAT diet and gave Emerson some bites banana and some sips of water.....both came back up and out.  Yes, diarrhea had now set in.  Uh Oh....could "her" water be out as well.  Ginger Ale was now, because I didn't want her to get dehydrated and her electrolytes to get screwed up (I know, I am the daughter of a nurse) and two, because I knew the ginger in the Ginger Ale would help her ailing tummy.  Emerson was not a fan of any of our plans, juice, ginger ale, pedialyte, etc; she wasn't having any of it...all she wanted was water.  After pleading with her, I finally got her to do ice chips, and some sips of ginger ale, but I was getting a bit worried because she still hadn't had a wet diaper, only diarrhea. 

After her nap, I finally gave in and gave her about 3 ounces of water in a sippy cup because she wouldn't give up with asking for water.  Well that was a HORRIBLE idea by me.  It came up about 3 minutes after being down....she had gulped it down so fast that it just irritated her tummy and came right back up.  Back to the BRAT diet....and trying to get her to drink some Ginger Ale.  We did toast for dinner and she seemed to like taking spoon fulls of Ginger Ale and was keeping that down and we were poop and vomit free until this morning.

Then this morning, when Emerson woke up....she was ravenous, but not for food, for (you guessed it) MILK and WATER.  I had to re-explain to her that we couldn't do milk and that we were going to try juice (Ginger Ale).  We did small sips through a straw but obviously we did one too many 'cause her little tummy (that I am sure was shrunken up to nothing) just couldn't take it and she ended up throwing up on me in Mommy and Daddy's bed.  Immediately after she threw up she asked for water (go figure).  We gave her one sip of Ginger Ale (telling her it was water) to clean her mouth out....about 5 minutes later...that came up too (all over Danny), with a lot more liquid than had gone down.  Now Mommy was concerned 'cause Emerson couldn't keep anything down and hadn't had a wet diaper in 24 hours.  We did everything (even lie to Emerson) to try to get Emerson to drink some Ginger Ale; all she wanted was water.  We ventured downstairs and she was ravenous for water, RAVENOUS, screaming for her sippy with water.  We held her off as long as we could coaxing her with Ginger Ale and wasn't working.  Finally Danny gave in and gave her some sips of water through a straw.  Her response:

"Now that's water Daddy!!!" - (like finally they get it) She finally got her water; guess there is no fooling the water connoisseur. 

Needless to say, we seem to be making progress today and haven't had any more poops or throw ups.  We are doing Ginger Ale, water, ice chips, etc; anything to get liquids in her.  We have had two pee pees as well.  Hopefully we are in the homestretch and hopefully she can be back to her water and her milk soon. 

Just imagine what she will say when she gets her great love, MILK for the first time after this!!!!

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