Monday, October 5, 2009

I've heard of Christmas in July, but October???

Tonight while I was preparing dinner, Emerson was doing her usual routine of running around the house, chasing Hogan, playing with every toy imaginable, pushing me out of the way and away from the oven, opening every cabinet and drawer, and asking every 2 minutes what I was doing.  In all of the mayhem, though, she added a new bit to her routine.... she suddenly broke out in song.  Emerson started singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way," and she sang it all the way through to the "one horse open sleigh, hey" part, I couldn't believe it.  When asked where she learned that song she replied with something that, even though I am her mommy and understand most everything she says, I couldn't understand.  I asked her repeatedly and I just couldn't understand the name she was saying, but she certainly knew what she was talking about.  I went through everyone I knew, finally I think Emerson just agreed with me cause she knew I couldn't understand her.  So, before bed we tried again (I was eager to find out how she learned the song).  Little Bill (TV character), Miss Linda (school teacher), Kayla (girl in her class), and Macie (our neighbor) were all contenders for teaching Emerson the song.  I felt horrible that I just couldn't understand her.  I put Emerson to bed and knew that I would ask at school tomorrow to find out just how Emerson learned this Christmas jingle! 

While putting out the trash tonight our neighbors, the Hermans, drove up.  So, I took the opportunity to ask Ivie (the oldest and wisest of our three girls) if she had learned "Jingle Bells" at school today.  She confirmed that she did learn it and then let me know that Miss Beth was the person who taught her.  Amy reminded me that on Mondays Miss Beth comes to school to teach the children music. 

So the Christmas jingle mystery is now solved...Emerson is learning Christmas songs at school from Miss Beth.  Thanks Miss Beth for teaching Emerson all about music and Christmas Carols....oh, and getting my child to start thinking about Christmas in OCTOBER!!

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  1. Definitely the oldest, but not sure about the wisest... Though she certainly THINKS she's a know-it-all!