Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pink Presents and Monies!!!!

Danny was out of town all last week in Vegas, poor baby! actually he worked really hard helping his brother, Ed, with his business at a trade show.  I think, to the best of my recollection, this was the longest he has ever been away from Emerson.  He knows how much I hate it when he travels and this trip was no different, as I was supposed to go with him.  To make it easier on me, he had a "long" talk with Emerson before he left:

Danny: Emerson, Daddy has to go out of town and go to a meeting...I'm gonna be gone for 6 night nights.
Emerson: Why? (a common word in her vocabulary right now)
Danny: Well I have to go help Uncle Ed at a meeting and make some money...(not sure if Danny was talking about gambling or getting new customers here??)
Emerson: Oh you help Uncle Nick! (for some reason that is what she calls her Uncle Ed)
Danny: Yes, I have to go help Uncle Ed but I will be back soon.  Emerson if you are good for Mommy and cooperate with her, I will bring you back a present.
Emerson: Presents?
Danny: Yes, a present.
Emerson: Daddy, I want PINK presents!!  (notice how Emerson keeps making it plural...SMART girl). 
Danny: Okay I will try to find you pink presents.  (Daddy gives in) 
Emerson: Oh, and Daddy I want some monies too for my pingy bank!!
Danny:  Okay Emerson I will bring you pink presents AND monies. 

The week went as planned and for the most part Emerson and I were trucking through the motions.  I was actually sleeping, 'cause my mom came over every night after Em was in bed and stayed with me (Thanks Mom!!).  Then about Wednesday, we hit a wall and she really, REALLY wanted her Daddy (so did I)!!  So when Danny talked to Emerson on Wednesday night, he reminded her to be good to Mommy so that she could get her presents on Friday when he got home. 

Danny: Emerson, are you being nice to Mommy?
Emerson: Yes Daddy, I being nice
Danny: Emerson be nice to Mommy and listen to what she says and asks you to do.  If you are nice, Daddy will bring you presents
Emerson: Okay Daddy I be nice. Daddy, make sure my presents are PINK
Danny: Okay Emerson, I will try to bring some pink presents
Emerson: Oh and Daddy, don't forget mines monies!!!

For the next two days, all I heard about were pink presents and monies and Danny was reminded everytime he talked to Emerson on the phone.  I think Danny was sweating bullets though, because what could he possibly find for a two year old in Vegas, yet alone something that was acceptable and PINK.  Friday finally got here (longest week ever) and Emerson and I went to the airport to pick up Danny and Papa.  Emerson was so happy to see her Daddy, but she quickly got over the reconnecting and got right down to business...."Daddy you got my presents and my monies??"

Danny gave Emerson her presents when we got home and needless to say, she was so excited.  I must admit, Danny did a great job finding all things PINK.  He brought Emerson some pink dice (how kitschy of him), a pink purse that says Vegas Princess (it also included the $5 monies), a Dora doll (she had a pink shirt on), and a pink t-shirt that said, "V.I.P Very Important Princess" (very fitting for our little Emerson). I think Danny has his work cut out for him though, you see Ms. Emerson doesn't forget much and I am sure when Danny has to go out of town the next time, she will ask him to bring her PINK PRESENTS AND MONIES!!!!

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