Wednesday, October 28, 2009

School Pictures - Fall 2009

We all remember picture day from school.  We  would get all dressed up, we would go sit in front of a camera with some ugly background behind us, smile and then wait anxiously for our pictures to come back.  We would wait 2-3 weeks only to get our pictures back and critique everything about them, and it was over if you had a bad picture, because then it was going in the yearbook and there was nothing you could do about it.  Well, they are starting kids out younger and younger these days in hopes that they are all prepared for grade school.  Hopefully they will all know how to take a good picture so there are no scars when it comes time for the yearbook. 

We got Emerson's school pictures back yesterday.  I wouldn't say they are the best pictures I've ever seen of her (I know, I am a horrible mom for saying that) but they are pretty cute, so I wanted to share them with the rest of you.  Emerson has had a hard time with school pictures the past two times she has taken them. (You'd think with the amount of pictures that are taken of her at home, she wouldn't be so camera shy.)  We didn't even get pictures from school in the spring (pictures happen twice a year at Parkwood) because she refused to go into the room.  This time, I really talked up the fact that it was picture day and everyone at school was going to get their picture taken; it didn't help!!  Emerson had a fit when I was there and didn't want to get her picture taken at all.  Gail (the Director and Emerson's favorite) and I decided it would be best if I left and they would try again later.  The next attempt must have gone better than the first.  Gail told me that with some coaxing, she got Emerson to smile.  Gail ended up sitting on the platform with Emerson so that Emerson thought both her and Gail were getting their pictures taken. (No wonder Gail has been doing this for such a long time...she's good!)  I am surprised Emerson didn't ask where Gail was when she saw the pictures yesterday.  But, thank goodness Gail was there to "sit" with Emerson and we could walk away with three decent pictures!!

Hopefully this will get easier as Emerson gets older and used to school pictures.  I would hate for her to be one of those kids scarred by a yearbook picture!!! 

I have also attached the pictures from Fall 2007, Spring 2008, and Fall 2008 so you can see how much are little one has changed.  Sorry for the quality of the pictures...scanners really don't do them justice!! 

Fall 2009

No pictures for Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

Fall 2007

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  1. Emerson is just too cute! I think she rocked the school pics. I bet hers were the BEST in th class. xo Amber Byrd