Friday, October 2, 2009

Show and Tell #10 - (10.02.09)

WEEEEEE'RE BAAAAAACK...after a brief hiatus last week for the swine flu. Show and Tell this week is one of Emerson's favorite toys right now and it was given to her by one of her favorite school friends, Haegan.  Haegan gave this to Emerson for her 2nd birthday.  Cherrilee is part of the My Little Pony - So Soft Newborn collection.  She is cuddly and soft and has the sweetest little voice when you press the button on her foot; she says, "Cherrilee hungry!"  When you put her bottle in her mouth, she makes the sound of sucking on a bottle.  Emerson loves to hold her and feed her.  While Emerson was sick, she would hold Cherrilee and feed her and say to her, "I make you feel all better!"  I think holding Cherrilee and giving her a bottle was the perfect medicine for Emerson.

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