Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Show and Tell #12 - (10.16.09)

We all love Carolina Basketball in the Dever household.  I was born into it, having a father whose blood runs through him Carolina Blue I didn't really have a choice (but had I, I would probably still be a Carolina fan).  Danny has become a fan by nurture; it is hard to live in this area and not become a Carolina fan, it's pretty infectious.  Danny says he used to watch the Tar Heels when he was young in Florida....but now he is like any other Tar Heel fan, he dons his Carolina Blue for game days, he yells at the refs, he gets angry when they lose and he gets just as pumped for the Duke/Carolina game as any other fan.  So needless to say, you could call our household a Tar Heel household.  This past Friday's Show-and-Tell item is in honor of our beloved Tar Heels and the commencement of our favorite sport....BASKETBALL!!!!  Friday marked the start of the 2009/2010 season with Late Night with Roy (we had to miss it this year) and what better way to show our spirit than to send our little one to school with a Tar Heel basketball.  I believe this little Tar Heel basketball was given to Emerson by Mimi before she could even hold onto it.  Now, she loves to say basketball (although, she says it for any sport) and loves to throw this ball around the house.  I see this ball making several appearances in our house during the 2009/2010 basketball season and maybe even accompanying us to a game.  GO HEELS!!!!

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