Friday, October 23, 2009

The State Fair, Round 2

On Wednesday night we headed back to the State Fair.  I guess we couldn't get enough from our first trip and needed one more dose of fun-filled goodness.  This time we were accompanied by the Wisconsin Dever clan, Ed, Diane and Corey (or Uncle Nick/Ned, Aunt Diamond, and Coco, as Emerson calls them).  Ed and Diane were in town for some business and Corey came over from Charlotte and they all decided they had to check out the craziness that is, The State Fair

This trip was no different than our first trip with Emerson; she was all about riding some rides.  She successfully rode The Dragon again (this time by herself) two times, the Merry-Go-Round, and the Jalopy Junction cars.  She also rode two new rides, the Hot Air Balloon ride and the Fire Truck.  She again, had that fearless attitude and seemed to enjoy all the rides. 

We also did some more game playing and came home with a pink dinosaur and a stuffed pumpkin (this week and next week's Show and Tell items!!  Score!!).  Emerson, literally, had to be peeled away from the fishing game and was so excited when she "made" the basket for the basketball game (with a little help from the game attendant). 

We did the typical fair ritual again; walking around and looking at livestock, eating the most unhealthy food ever, and people watching.  All-in-all it was another great trip to the fair!!  We had so much fun and it gave us a chance to have some much needed family time with the other Devers that we don't get see that often. 

Although we had a great time at the fair, my favorite part of the evening was when we got home (no offense Ed, Diane and Corey).  At bedtime, we decided to sit in the chair and recap the nights events while Emerson drank her milk.  We rocked and talked about the fair until she was finished drinking.  She then rolled over to snuggle into my chest (like any other night) to start our nightly ritual of prayers, before moving to the crib to sing Rock-a-bye Baby and Twinkle, Twinkle (in that respective order). Before we started, I sat there for a minute and rubbed her hair, and before I knew it, I heard snoring.  She didn't even make it to prayers or her songs (two things that must be performed every night before she even thinks of closing her eyes for bed)...She was OUT!!  I sat there for few minutes longer and stole a moment with her in complete silence and darkness.  It is nice to know that even with that "No Fear" attitude, she is still my baby and she will still cuddle into mommy and fall fast asleep (something she hasn't done in a long time).   It was nice to get that moment with her again, especially since she is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!

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