Monday, October 12, 2009


Last night as Danny and I were driving home from dinner at Grammy and Papa's house.  Danny started talking to Emerson about her Pink presents that he had just brought back for her from Vegas.  She was naming all the things Danny brought home (see original blog here).  She named the Dora doll first, then the pink "pursey", we helped her with the dice and she immediately then said "Ahh yes, Dice," but she got stumped on the V.I.P t-shirt.  So Danny helped her out a bit:

Danny: Emerson, what else did Daddy bring you?
Emerson: Um, Um, Um...I don't know?
Danny: Was it a t-shirt that said V.I.P
Emerson: Yes Daddy!!!
Danny: Emerson, do you know what V.I.P stands for?
Emerson: No, Daddy!!  (in a very giggly voice)
Danny: It stands for VERY IMPORTANT PRINCESS....and that's you Emerson.
Emerson: OH!
Danny: Who's a Very Important Princess?
Emerson: Me, Daddy!!
Danny: Is Mimi a Very Important Princess?
Emerson: NO
Danny: Is Grammy?
Emerson: NO
Danny: Is Aunt Diamond? (the name Emerson has given to her Aunt Diane)
Emerson: NO
Danny: Is Mommy a Very Important Princess?  I think she is!
Emerson: No Daddy!!
Danny: Then who is Emerson?
Emerson: Just me Daddy, just me!!

That about sums it up, folks!!!  We are in for lots of TROUBLE!!

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