Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big Sister

Last week, Emerson and I had the privilege of babysitting for Baby Jordan, the two month old baby girl of one of my co-workers.  Emerson was so excited that we would have a baby "to play with" that night.  Danny was in California for the week so it was just me, a toddler and a newborn.  ( I agreed to babysit before I knew Danny would be gone.)  From the second Jordan arrived, Emerson was enamored.  She was such a big help when I needed something for Jordan.  She even helped me make Jordan's bottle by shaking it up to mix the formula and water (Don't worry, Becky, I gave it another vigorous shake after Emerson).  Emerson sang to Jordan and read her books, she patted her and rocked her, and she even got to hold her with Mommy's help.   The only hard part came when it was time to put Emerson to bed.  Jordan's fussy time at night was right about Emerson's bedtime.  So, I had to read to Emerson, and sing her bedtime songs and tuck her in, all while I was soothing a fussy infant.  It all worked out though and Emerson seemed to be okay that her bedtime routine was disturbed for the night....believe me, Baby Jordan could do no wrong.  I think when the time comes (which might be awhile)....Emerson will be a great BIG SISTER!!!

My how our Emerson's grown in 2 years!!!
(I got this chair out for Baby Jordan to use while she was here, but Emerson insisted that Baby Jordan use the swing, so Emerson decided to use the bouncy!!)

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