Monday, November 23, 2009


Two new Emersonisms for everyone to enjoy (read, laugh at):

A New Age Santa List
Saturday night we went to dinner with Mimi and Birdie and then we headed to Sam's Club to look for some Christmas garland.  While in Sam's, we checked out the toy section (which has extensively expanded for the holidays).  Emerson was going around, showing us things she wanted.  Danny told Emerson each time that he would text Santa and tell him that she wanted that particular toy, and if she was a good girl, Santa might bring it to her.  (Apparently the new rage is texting your list to Santa since they seem to have done away with the good ol' letter to Santa.) Each time Emerson would go up to a toy, Danny would ask her if she liked it and would usually get a response of yes, to which, Danny would then say, "Okay, let me text Santa."  But for one toy (funny, I don't even remember what it was) Emerson ran up to it and said, "Daddy, I really like this, will you text Santa!!"

Fun at Sam's

Car Entertainment
After Sam's, Mimi and Birdie took Emerson so Danny and I could do a bit of shopping and then we swung by and picked her up from their house.  When we went upstairs, Mimi said, "Emerson, who did we listen to on the way home?"  Emerson's response, "Jackson Michael."  We joked with her and started singing Man In The Mirror because that's what Mimi was listening to and told Emerson it was one of her favorites.  On the way home, Emerson started singing a song, low and behold, it was Man in the Mirror.  The memory of an elephant I tell ya'!!!

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