Saturday, November 28, 2009


Ready for Santa...

Today, while Emerson was napping, Danny and I finished putting up our outside Christmas decorations.  When Emerson woke up, we took her outside and showed her what we had accomplished while she was asleep.  Danny explained to Emerson that we had decorated the house to get ready for Santa Claus to come visit us.  He explained that we had to make it "pretty" for him. 

Side Note:  Occassionally (more like all the time) Hogan will bark at things outside, and will always bark if someone is here or in the driveway.  Emerson will frequently ask if someone is here.  "Is my daddy home?" "Are my Mimi and Birdie here?"  "Is that my Grammy and Papa coming to visit?" 

We came inside after looking at the decorations.  Emerson was busy playing with her toys when Hogan began barking at something.  Remembering the conversation we just had outside;  innocently, are sweet little Emerson looked up from her toys to us and said,

"Is Santa Claus here?"

Not yet sweetheart, but soon....VERY SOON!!

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