Friday, November 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday Y'all!!!
September Update

September wasn't TOO crazy of a month for our household; it was basically birthdays and sports for us, oh and illness wrapped up in a stomach bug first and then that little bug HIN1.  Danny had trips to Jacksonville and to Charlotte for a golf tournament.  I actually slowed down a bit at work and had time to get caught up a bit.  We celebrated Danny's birthday and Amy and Macie Herman's birthdays.  Danny and I attended the Alumni Basketball game with the Hermans.  It was pretty cool to see all our players back in one place.  We also attended the first Tar Heel Town and football game of the 2009 season with the Hermans.  Emerson had so much fun.  Here are more highlights from the month:

  • UNC Alumni Basketball Game - Amy and I both took tons of pictures.  Amy was organized enough to write a blog about it (see here), so I am deferring to her for the content of the evening (Thanks Amy).  I just got my act together enough to upload the best of my 524 pictures onto Kodak Gallery.  (Don't worry, there are only 54 on Kodak!) Click here for my pictures.   
  • Softball (see here for blog) -Emerson went to one of Danny's rec softball games and had a blast.  She loved it so much that Monica sent her a glove and ball of her own.  We are working on holding the glove to catch the ball and then "pulling it in".
  • Tar Heel Town - Emerson had a great time at her first Tar Heel Town for the 2009 football game and an even better time at the football game.  (see blog post here)
  • Illness - we had two bouts of illness in September...the first (see blog) was a nasty tummy bug and the second (see blog) was this season's pandemic H1N1 flu.  She was a trooper through both of them. 
I hope you enjoy the pictures from this month....only one more month to go and we will be up-to-date and then, I can really flashback! Until next week.....

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*Reminder: the captions for pictures are above the picture and if the caption is too long
and gets cut off...just mouse over it and you can read the whole thing!!! 

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