Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A New Puppy!!

Grammy and Papa got an early Christmas present, this past Sunday, in the form of an 8 week old Boxer puppy.  The new puppy is actually an extension of the family as their current Boxer, Buck, sired this puppy a couple of months ago, so this is Buck's son.  Emerson actually got the honor of naming the puppy about a month ago, after he was born.  Lots of ideas were tossed around (all of them having something to do with Ohio State): Sloopy, OH, and Archie were all discussed but Emerson finally chose Brutus; it's just a fun name to say!!  His official name is Senior Master Sergeant Brutus but Brutus for short. 

We went to visit on Sunday after the puppy had made it home and was settled in.  Emerson fell in love right away, but how could you not fall in love.  Brutus is certainly a cutie pie; soft, cuddly, full of energy, and the best puppy breath ever!!  Emerson wasn't too fond of Brutus nipping at her pant legs but that didn't stop her from chasing him and vice versa.  She only let him out of her sight for a minute or two before asking where he was.  We are so glad there is a new puppy in our lives to play with, and we are so glad it is living at someone else's house (wink, wink)!!!

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