Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Show and Tell #15 - 11.06.09

Another first year Christmas present for this weeks Show-and-Tell item.  Corey (or Coco as Emerson calls him) was the lucky person that got to open this present (see previous post about how we included everyone in present opening for Emerson's first Christmas).  So, I thought this puppy was going to be a great little present for Emerson....not so.  In my opinion, this is probably the most annoying and frustrating toy for a baby/toddler trying to learn.  There are various places on the body of the puppy that you can push for songs, sayings, etc.  When you press a button (ie  - hand, foot, tummy), the music starts, but if you happen to press another button by mistake, the puppy starts in with that song...so needless to say, we never heard a song all the way through.  The buttons on this puppy are super sensitive and initiate song very easily.  What a perfect Show-and-Tell item for a toddler class that is all over the place 100% of the time!!!

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