Monday, November 23, 2009

Show-and-Tell #17 - Minnie Mouse

Danny was in LA/Anaheim all last week (6 days to be exact).  The last time Danny went away for a week, he promised to bring Emerson a present as long as she was a good girl for Mommy.  (You might remember my Pink Presents and Monies blog about the presents Danny brought back to Emerson). This time when Danny was saying goodbye, he went through the same spiel about being a good girl and getting a present.  He asked Emerson if she wanted a pink present, to which her response was, "No Daddy, this time I want red." 

We are in a Mickey Mouse/Disney phase right now in our house.  We are trying to prepare Emerson for our trip to Disneyworld and acclomate her to all the characters and princesses she is going to encounter. (We are hoping she won't be too scared of them.)  Emerson has also recently become a huge fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show on the Disney Channel (Thanks Amy).  So, it was great timing that Danny's trip was to Anaheim, home of Disneyland and that his hotel was literally across the street from the entrance.  It's even greater that Minnie Mouse's dress is RED and that is just what color Emerson wanted her present to be.  She loved her Minnie and was so excited to take it to school for Show-and-Tell on Friday.  Let's just hope the Minnie at Disneyworld (that is about 20x bigger than the stuffed one) gets Emerson just as excited and doesn't scare her silly!!

(Excuse the big gash on her face, she fell off the porch on Wednesday night and scraped her face and busted her lip.  Talk about a very scared Mommy when Emerson picked up her head and all I saw was blood coming from her mouth.)

Getting her RED present

Show-and-Tell Day - 11.20.09

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