Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tar Heel Town(s) 2009

This is the first year we bought season tickets for football.  We figured with Emerson being a bit older that we would all be able to go to the games and really make family outings out of the experience.  This past Saturday we went to our final Tar Heel Town of the 2009 football season (unless I get a wild hair and go with the Hermans solo this Saturday). 

Emerson really has a great time at Tar Heel Town (and the one game she attended) and I am only sad that we couldn't go to more of them this year, having only made it twice. The first was before the Carolina vs. ECU game on September 19th and the second was this past Saturday for Carolina vs. Duke.  We always have a great time when we go.  Emerson loves following Ivie around and doing everything that the big kids do!!  She loves the band, which is evident from the video in one of  my previous posts.  She loves the Old Well Walk and getting on her daddy's shoulders to "hi-five" the players as they walk by.  She also loves all the blow-up play sets like the bounce house and the slide.  At our first Tar Heel Town, Emerson went down the slide with Ms. Amy (Thanks Amy!), but by this past week's Tar Heel Town she was going down by herself. 

I would love to go on and on about our trips to Tar Heel Town but there isn't much that the pictures can't say.  Hopefully we will make it to more than two Tar Heel Towns next year and hopefully Emerson will make it to more than one game!!  Let's hope our Heels finish the season with a bang!! Until next season.....



While we are at it, see how much Emerson has changed since last year's Tar Heel Town!!!

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