Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Emerson's First Christmas Pageant

Emerson's class is visited by Ms. Beth, the music teacher, every week. She teaches them songs and dances and they always have a great time. I always know when it's been a "Ms. Beth Day" because Emerson comes home singing.  You might remember my Christmas in October post about Emerson coming home from school one day singing "Jingle Bells".  Ms. Beth and her teachers were preparing Emerson and her classmates for their first ever Christmas Pageant.  They practiced every week with Ms. Beth and daily in the classroom with Ms. Rosa, Ms. Stacy, and Ms. Kara.  Mommy and Daddy tried to help Emerson as well, singing with her at home, having conversations with her about being on a stage and looking out to lots of people, not being scared, and letting her know we would be there watching but she might not be able to see us.  We also thought she would only be singing Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday to Jesus, until we found out Thursday night, from Emerson herself, that there were 3 songs.  All of this preparation led up to the main event, Emerson's First Christmas Pageant, this past Friday. 

When I dropped Emerson off on Friday morning, I asked the teacher what time we should get to the church sanctuary that afternoon for the 3:00 pm performance...her response, "Oh, no later than 2:15 or you won't get a spot!"  Seriously??  Well, she was right!  Danny and I showed up right at 2:15 and there were already about 10 families seated with tripods and cameras in place.  We managed to snag and save seats in the 3rd and 4th row (both sets of grandparents came to Emerson's inaugural performance).  So, for 45 minutes we waited, waited and waited.  I was nervous, I've been there before, in front of all those people during dance recitals, and I know how I always felt and I was old enough to know what was going on, I wasn't 2 1/2.  It was that fear that made me nervous for my little one.  Danny and I actually had a bet going on; I was sure Emerson was going to do one of two things....either sing the loudest or stand on stage searching for her parents, or rather grandparents for that matter, and then cry when she saw us and couldn't get to us.  So, between my fear for Emerson and my anxiety on which of the two Emerson performances we would see that day, I was ready to get this show on the road. 

At about five minutes until 3:00 pm, the door to the sanctuary opened and all you could see was the petrified look on the first toddler in line.  They all filed in one by one, in their neatly organized line; that is, until Ms. Emerson walked in and tried to make a v-line for her parents, shouting, "Daddy, Daddy!" at the same time.  Laughter came from the crowd and I knew we were in for a big surprise.  Rosa quickly grabbed her and they took the toddlers behind the screen until it was time for their performance.  Ms. Gail, the daycare director, came on stage and welcomed everyone to the show, making a quick note to tell the parents of the two year old class not to wave at them or they would be off the stage and running into the crowd.  After Ms. Gail's welcome, Emerson's teachers began the process of getting the kids on stage.  Emerson surely made a memorable entrance from behind that screen and didn't stop until the performance was over.

Okay, I won't make you wait any longer....here is the video of the performance.  Pictures and more blogging are below.  If the video doesn't load fast enough, you can click on the link below the video to be taken to the hosting website.  Enjoy!! 

Emerson's First Christmas Pageant on Vimeo.

I can't imagine why I even had the slightest inkling of nerves for Emerson, can you?  I didn't see one ounce of nerves or stage fright in that child.  Of course I have watched the video about 30 times now and still laugh EVERY TIME.  When I say that Emerson is a mess, a spit fire, spirited, full of herself, full of life, a joy and so on; that video corroborates it all.

After the show we headed back to Emerson's class for some treats and some more fun with her classmates. We hugged Emerson and told her how proud we were of her, to which she responded, "Mommy, all the peoples came to watch me and stood in my spot and you and Daddy were in your spot and the peoples watched me."  Yes, Emerson all the "peoples" watched you; you entertained us all!!!  I could tell Emerson was proud of herself for getting up in front of everyone and singing.  She was certainly hamming it up in her classroom and showing off in front of her grandparents.  We can tell that Emerson really loves her class, classmates and teachers, and that is the most important thing to us.   The best way to top off the whole day was dinner with all the grandparents and SNOW.  Although the snow didn't stick, it was the perfect ending to our first Christmas Pageant experience and really set the mood for the festivities we have in store for us this coming week.  I can't wait until next year's show!!!

The sights of the show


  Fun with her teachers and her friends



  1. Oh, my!!!! So cute. You're right - she was, very happily, the loudest of the bunch!

  2. That video is too cute! I had everyone at work watching it!