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Flashback Friday

Yes, this is a day computer literally took 3 hours to upload the pictures last night, so at 11:45 pm, I called it quits. 
Without further ado...Flashback Friday (a day late)!!

It's Flashback Friday, Y'all!!!
October Update

October was a crazy month for us...CRAZY!!  You know it's a crazy month when you look in your Picasa folder and the month of October has 2,816 pictures.  (Yes, my friends, your eyes didn't lie, it really did just say 2,816!!!)  Granted, some of those were from a birthday party (so not all of Emerson), some were from my "photog in crime", Amy, and some were from my mom, but for the most part, I was pretty click-happy in October for all of our gazillion outings.  Here's a recap of our October:

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*Danny went to Vegas to help his brother and his company, SDF Strapping,  for a huge trade show.  I think it went really well, and I hear that they really WORKED the whole time.  Of course, Emerson really missed her dad but was so excited to get her Pink Presents and Monies upon his return. 

*While Danny was in Vegas, Emerson and I attended Cameron's 4th birthday party.  My mom came along to take care of Emerson, so that I could get some pics of the party for Monica. 

*For the past two years we have gone Pumpkin Patchin' with the Hermans, let's hope it remains a tradition.  Always a good time, and always a lot of great pictures!!!

*Picture day at school.

*Dinner with our favorite biggest losers, Ed and Heba!  (check out their new website here)

*It was a family affair as we helped set-up (Emerson got to come help) and attended Roy Williams Fast Break for Cancer that was put on by Lineberger Cancer Center and our friend, Mary Seagroves.  You can read more about the success of the event here.

*We followed the North Carolina crowd in mid October to the NC State Fair and had a blast, BOTH TIMES!  Yes, that's right, we didn't get enough the first time around with the clan that went (The Beales, The Cherrys, and The Hermans), so we went again for Round 2 later in the week with the Wisconsin Devers. 

*Danny and I headed to the first ever Thursday night ESPN Primetime college football game at Carolina.  This was a big deal folks, UNC closed the campus at 3:00 pm in anticipation of a huge crowd.  Carolina unfortunately lost the game to Florida State (27 - 30). 

*Another fundraiser, Danny and I were invited to attend and be the special guest of Ed and Heba at the Pay It Forward Fertility First Annual Gala.  We are now the proud owners of a Captain'sTable dinner experience at the Angus Barn, all  thanks to Danny's very quick bidding arm during the live auction.  (Although, we haven't gotten that in the mail yet, guess I need to make a mental note to check on that.)  We had a blast and even got to enjoy a tour of the Angus Barn wine cellar afterward!

*Every year, my friend/college roommate/sorority sister, Ann and I attend the A Shopping Spree sale, put on by the Junior League of Raleigh!  It's become a yearly tradition and this year was no different.  We met in Raleigh for some SHOPPING and we found some great stuff; maybe some of you will be getting Christmas presents from our adventures!! 

*Another fundraiser!! This year I was lucky enough to get to help out with another famous Lineberger Cancer Center annual event....Tickled Pink (sorry, I had to do this link in pink, not green)!!! I am so happy I was able to be involved this year! (Gosh, the Devers were some philanthropic-in' fools in the month of October! We are so glad that we can give back in various ways, shapes, and forms.)

WHEW!!! and last, but certainly not least....

*HALLOWEEN!!!!  Emerson was the cutest ever ladybug this year!

Oh yeah, and one more mention, in the middle of all of this craziness, we found time to book a trip to Disney World with the Hermans, Yay!!!  Mickey Mouse and his gang have since invaded our home!  We can't wait!

I hope you enjoy the pictures from this month....
you might want to get some popcorn and a soda, because there's a lot them!!

Reminder: the captions for pictures are below the picture and if the caption is too long
and gets cut off, just mouse over it and you can read the whole thing!!

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