Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday - November 2009

It's Flashback Friday, Y'all!!!
(November Update)

Although we weren't very busy in November, the month seemed to fly by.  Danny had two trips in November, an overnight to Atlanta and then a 6 day trip to Anaheim, California...6 Days!!!  I think Emerson and I were ready to kill each other by the time he got home.  Danny made up for it though, he brought Emerson a Minnie Mouse from Disneyland and gave me a bunch of girl time by watching Emerson.  It did seem like a spent a lot of time with some of my favorite women this month.  I was invited to go to a girls night down in Pinehurst to attend the Festival of Trees.  I did a girls brunch with Emerson, Mimi and Betsy at Fearrington and a shopping excursion at the Durham/Orange County Junior League Holiday Market with Mimi and Betsy.  The best day of all was spending the afternoon shooting my little cutie and getting some of my favorite pictures EVER of her.  We also helped welcome a new addition to the Dever Family.  Grammy and Papa got their new puppy, Brutus.  Oh yeah, and we celebrated I guess it was a busy month but certainly the calm before December's storm.  Here are some of the blog highlights:

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Tar Heel Town
Hogan's Birthday
Brunch with Mimi and Betsy
A Sunday Photo Shoot and a too cute TuTu!!!
Babysitting Baby Jordan
A Present from Daddy
The New Puppy
Thanksgiving - Here and Here

I hope you can re-enjoy (or enjoy for the first time) the blog posts. 

A Note about Flashback Friday
So I am caught up with my monthly pictures that I have been sharing every Friday for Flashback Fridays.  I started Flashback Fridays so that I could catch everyone up with what went on with the Devers, since I was pretty slack with this blog in the beginning.  Now that I am caught up with the monthly flashbacks, I am going to move my monthly posts to the last day of each current month.  So, for example, you will get December's monthly round of pictures on December 31st.  I obviously can't call these Flashback Fridays because they won't always occur on a Friday.  (I am not sure what to call these posts and would be happy to entertain any suggestions...Monthly Review?  The Month in Review?)  I will continue Flashback Fridays every Friday but these posts will now look back with pictures, videos, memories.  I hope you have enjoyed getting caught up with all the Dever happenings.  I have surely enjoyed getting you all, myself, and this blog caught up.

I hope you enjoy the November Pictures!! 
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Reminder: the captions for pictures are below the picture and if the caption is too long and gets cut off, just mouse over it and you can read the whole thing!!

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