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Christmas Festivities, 2009

I can't believe it's been 10 days since I last blogged.  That really shows you how crazy everything gets around the holidays.  It seems like just a week ago we were celebrating Thanksgiving, then I blinked and it was Christmas.   This is, certainly, one of my favorite times of year but I hate how fast it goes by and how hectic everything gets.  So needless to say, I am playing blog catch-up for the next couple of days. 

Our family wasn't spared from the craziness that is the holidays, especially Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Opening Presents Christmas Eve at the Dever House
Christmas Eve we headed to Grammy and Papa's house to have dinner with all the Dever clan, Grammy, Papa, Ed, Diane, and Corey (I guess that really doesn't constitute CLAN).  Emerson had a great time opening her gifts from everyone and the dinner was delicious!

Santa, Mommy, and Daddy have some fun!!!
After our Christmas Eve celebration, we headed home to set out cookies and milk for Santa and get the little one in bed, so Santa could make his arrival at the Dever house.  Mommy, Daddy and (Santa) had a great time putting out all Emerson's presents!!

Waiting (patiently) to see what Santa brought. 
(Danny and I both wanted to be in the living room to get Emerson's reaction to Santa, Danny on the video and I, of course, on the camera; so we had Emerson sit on the stairs in our foyer and then
we called her into the living room. )

Emerson was so excited....
here she is rounding the corner at full speed.

Opening presents Christmas morning
with Mommy and Daddy. 
(Emerson was so excited about her new kitchen that it was almost impossible to get her to focus on any of the other presents.  So, we would open a present or two, and then we would go back to playing with the kitchen and so on and so on.)  Emerson quickly learned from her dad to turn packages to the back and open them, it made it much easier.  We admit that we went a bit overboard this year on Emerson.  It is hard not to go overboard the first year that your toddler "actually" understands Christmas.  We had so much fun this year and it made it all worth it; we will, surely, scale it back a bit next year, though!!

Opening presents Christmas mid-morning
with Mimi and Birdie. 

Opening presents Christmas mid-morning
with the Hermans.

(Yeah, right!  Must get ready for dinner at our house with the Devers and the Bandys.)

I ended up only taking a couple of pictures of dinner at our house, not enough to even share.  We did have a great dinner, though.  I turned over a new leaf this year and decided to have dinner catered and use paper/plastic goods (GASP!!); I know, I don't believe it myself.  Things were just too hectic this year and I didn't want to spend my time cooking and cleaning, I would rather spend it enjoying my sweet little girl.  So, we had lasagna and chicken divan catered, I made a salad, and bought dessert at Sam's (of all places).  It was great...I might make it a tradition. 

I think by the end of the night we were exhausted.  I don't remember my head even hitting the pillow but it was all worth it.  We had a great Christmas and can't wait to celebrate many more with our friends and family....we are truly blessed!!

The Day After Christmas
No rest for the weary.  We decided to fight the crowds on the day after Christmas and headed to Southpoint for a little shopping, a little returning, a little waiting in line at Verizon, and a little lunch.  It was nice to spend some time, just the three of us.  Emerson had fun and was very patient as we ran our errands.  She was so excited to get to see her teacher, Rosa, at Macy's.  We ended the outing with lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and since I had my camera and new camera lens (thanks Danny!!), I decided to snap some pictures.  It was a chilly day but we decided to eat outside and under the space heaters it wasn't so bad. 

When we got home from the mall, there was a present for Emerson sitting on the porch.  Ms. Betsy, a close family friend, left Emerson an almost life-sized Dora doll and an adorable book.  Emerson was so excited about the Dora doll and didn't want to go upstairs for her nap.  Being a mom, that knew I needed the naptime quiet as much as Emerson needed the naptime sleep, I told Emerson that Dora could sleep with her for nap.  I covered them both up with blankets and hoped that they would drift off to dreamland (at least one of them, and preferably the un-stuffed one!)  I came back in to check on Emerson a bit later only to find them both sound asleep.  Thank goodness, now Mommy and Daddy could start packing for our beach trip the next day...more on that in a future blog. 

We hope everyone had a very
Merry Chirstmas and Happy Holiday!!!

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  1. These pictures are great! It looks like she had an awesome Christmas - hope you guys had a few moments to relax too :)