Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life's a Beach!

I was determined to get this blog out before we left for our vacation, it didn't happen.  I also can't believe that I have gone so long without blogging AGAIN.  I am certainly not starting the year off to a good start with keeping everyone up-to-date with the Devers.  Life seems like it didn't slow down after all the holiday craziness, so, here I sit in my hotel room, writing about our trip to the beach after Christmas (trying to get these blogs done so I can update you on our current vacay.)  I will warn you, this is going to be mainly a picture post, as I am wiped out and don't want to go on and on about every little detail of our Topsail Island vacation.   Also, don't judge if you see spelling or grammar mistakes...too late to even worry about that stuff.

We had a day to recover (and pack) after all our Chrismas Festivities.  We then headed down to Topsail Island for some fun with my side of the family.  We have been going to the beach for as long as I can remember (at least 10 years).  We used to go to the beach after Thanksgiving but last year we changed it up and decided to do it the week after Christmas, I guess it stuck.   The whole gang (The Cordicks, The Bandys, The Devers, and some Hamlets) all venture down for a week of fun, festivities, and, most importantly, RELAXATION.

This year, instead of renting a crib, we thought we would try our hand at letting Emerson sleep in a big girl bed (for the first time).  It took 3 adults to figure out and get the bedrails working but the end product produced a pretty sweet set-up.  Emerson wasn't as fond as the adults were and didn't sleep well the entire week.  She wasn't as comfortable in this room (or bed) as she is in her room at home.  It took lots of coaxing for both naps and nighttime to get her to go to sleep.  We resorted to car rides, de-monsterizing the room, pretend sleeping on the single bed in the room, and reading lots and lots of books.  The saddest part was when she would look at you and say, "I want to go home to my bed."  We ALL (and I do mean all) pushed through it and made it work, and Emerson was very happy to get back to her own room and her own BED.

Emerson's first night (EVER) in a big girl bed.  The new Dora (remember her from Christmas Festivities) made the trip and made the bed less scary.   

First sunrise of the of my favorite things!!

Emerson and Birdie were two peas in a pod.  Birdie was farming on Farmville and Emerson was watching Mickey Mouse on her "puter" (pronounced pewter).  Emerson also tried on her new fishing gear on that Mommy and Daddy got her for Christmas before eating a Mimi-made breakfast...nothing better!

Later that day, we took some time to explore on the beach.  Emerson, who wasn't fond of the sand at all last year, didn't have any problems playing in it this year.  She loved watching the water, but didn't want it to get her.  After our romps on the beach....we dipped our feet in the hot
tub to warm them up. 

Some of my favorites from our beach romping....

Emerson got a new saxophone from Thurman (who Emerson affectionately called "Brian" all week) and Alice.  I am sure all the Devers will enjoy this new toy!!  After we got Emerson to sleep, all the adults had a chance to play Dirty Santa.  Poor Uncle Perfect had to open every present because everyone kept taking his presents.

Another sunrise....I'm at peace just looking at it.

A cold day at the park.  We promised Emerson that we would take her to the park...but it was freezing.  We obliged but we weren't out there long.

....and some sunsets!

Harassing Birdie, who was trying to relax in the hot tub.  The hot tub was a big hit with all the men that week.

More beach romping....

We did pictures on the beach in Emerson's portrait dress...but I will save that for another blog..

Happy New Year!!!  Emerson had a great time playing with blowers. 

Aunt Sissy brought a Gingerbread House for all the gals to put together.  Emerson had so much fun helping Aunt Sissy (who is our Martha Stewart) put the house together.  It was great that she got to spend some good quality time with Aunt Sissy. 

After the Gingerbread House, we decided to do a New Year's Day movie.   Emerson's first ever movie....bad idea on our part.  Another story that deserves it's own blog post....

We rouded out our week at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher.  We decided to hit it on our way home, even though it was 50 miles in the opposite direction.  Mimi and Birdie were troopers and made the trek too.  Emerson loved looking at all the fish in the aquariums.  We certainly have a water baby on our hands...she loves anything having to do with the water.

We had a great time at the beach and it is always good to spend time with family and just relax.  I hope this will be a tradition for years to come.  Oh, how we'll miss Aunt Sissy's house (Emerson called it Aunt Sissy's house all week).  If only Aunt Sissy really did own this house....there would certainly be more beach blog posts.  Until next year....

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