Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mommy/Daughter outing

Last Saturday Danny had to go to his office for an "office cleaning" in anticipation for their big move this past week.  Emerson and I decided on Friday that we were going to have a Mommy/Daughter morning at Kidzu Children's Museum on Franklin Street followed by lunch at Sutton's.  Sounds perfect!  We invited the Hermans to join us for a morning of fun.  Actually, Emerson was the only one out our group that had been to Kidzu before; Mimi and Betsy took her last spring for a morning outing. 

Kidzu is a great little museum full of hands-on learning activities.   Emerson had a great time playing in all the different sections of the museum.  Every section had its own theme; cars, kitchen, veggie market, vegetable garden, art, reading, blocks, and balls.  Kidzu really covered all their bases.  Emerson loved the art table and did such a great job on her piece that she was able to hang it from the ceiling with other pieces created by previous little ones. 

After Kidzu, we hit the most famous place on Franklin Street for lunch, Sutton's.  Emerson loved her grilled cheese, fries and ice cold milk.  She had an even better time looking at all the people in the pictures plastered all over Sutton's walls.  Emerson would point to a picture and associate it with someone in her life and then call out their name.  My entertainment was seeing what name she was going to call out for each picture; some of them were pretty funny. 

While we were sitting at lunch, I got an inkling to make dinner that night.  I decided to make Taco Ole' Soup from Make and Takes website (it had been in my Google Reader earlier that week).  Good thing I now have the Droid; I got to her site, got the recipe and made my list.  Actually I just kept the website up and took it into the grocery store with me.  Emerson and I ended our Mommy/Daughter adventure in Harris Teeter to pick up the items we needed for dinner.  She wanted to push the "sopping cart" that was her size around the store.  Since we were only going to be there for 15 mintues for about 15 items, I happily obliged.  She is a pretty good little shopper.  Hmmm, I wonder where she got that from?

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