Sunday, January 31, 2010

Show-and-Tells # 20, #21, #22, and #23

I am pretty far behind on my Show-and-Tell blogs, so in order to get caught up, I decided I would combine them into one quick blog.
Show-and-Tell #20
December 20, 2009
Singing Santa

If you will remember from Show-and-Tells #18 and #19, we had a Christmas themed Show-and-Tell December.  So, for Emerson's last Show-and-Tell of the month and last before Christmas, she decided to take, what might be one of her favorite Christmas toys, her Singing Santa.  This was given to Emerson by Mimi and Birdie last year at Christmas.  He dances and sings three songs; a santa rap, Jingle Bell Rock, and a holiday version of Celebrate (by Kool and the Gang).  This particular Friday was the same Friday as Emerson's Christmas Pageant at school and the day we decided to take all the kids and teachers presents into school, so that morning was hectic and I didn't get a picture of Emerson with her Santa.  I have included the next best thing with pictures of her from that day.  You ask,  why didn't you just take a picture the next day and pretend it was that day...well my friends, I know it is hard for you to believe but I like to document the picture on the day it happened so I can one day go back and see the outfits Emerson wore to school.  Shocker that I would be concerned about what Emerson wore to school!!!

Show-and-Tell #21
January 8, 2010
Disney Princess Look & Find book

January brought yet another theme for Show-and-Tells for the Devers.  DISNEY was the theme of choice and for good reason, Emerson was super excited about her upcoming trip to Disney World.  She decided to take her new Disney Princess Look and Find book to school the Friday before her trip.  Emerson was so excited when she opened this on Christmas morning and we don't think she has put it down since.   

Show-and-Tell #22
January 22, 2010
Safari Minnie

Obviously fresh off our trip and still in full Disney Emerson decided she wanted to take one of her new Disney toys to school for January 22nd's Show-and-Tell.  Safari Minnie was Emerson's "toy of the day" on the first day of our trip at Animal Kingdom.   She searched the store for the perfect toy but when she saw Safari Minnie her eyes lit up and I know we would be walking out with her; oh, and a shirt for Emerson that Mommy picked out!!  Emerson was so excited about her "Fari Minnie", as she calls it, that Minnie has slept with her every night since!

Show-and-Tell #23
January 29, 2010
Baby Disney Princess set

Ahh, the theme continues.....Can you tell that the Dever Household was all about some Disney in January. Don't be surprised if it carries over to February as well!! So, this past Friday, Emerson decided to take her new Baby Disney Princess set for Show-and-Tell; we didn't want to break the January streak. This set was Emerson's pick for "toy of the day" on the second day or our trip but first day at Magic Kingdom. These are little versions of Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty (which we learned at Disney has two names; Aurora and Briar Rose) and Ariel.  Emerson has a great time playing with them and having them talk to one another.  I have a great time watching and hearing all the gossip the princesses talk about. 

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