Sunday, February 28, 2010

Decluttering The Devers - February 2010

I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to some of you (okay, all of you) that Emerson has A LOT of clothes.  I think, actually I know, the day I found out I was having a little girl I went shopping right away and bought at least five outfits.  I admit, I have a shopping problem habit, but I am not the only one that has contributed to Emerson's sizeable amount of clothing.  Yes, I have a partner in shopping crime....Mimi!!!  We have been shopping partners since before I can remember and luckily we have the same taste.  Shortly after Emerson was born, I introduced Mimi to Ebay, a source I had quickly grown to love for Emerson clothing.  We both tend to go overboard when it comes to dressing Emerson.  There, Danny I said it, I CAN go overboard, but I AM working on it.  I mean come on, clothes for girls are just SOOO CUTE!!! 

So, if you haven't figured it out yet our February Decluttering The Devers is about my "hobby" (and Danny's nemesis), Emerson's Clothes!!  Needless to say, they have taken over the house, at least 3 rooms of the house; her room, a bit of the bonus room and our guest room.  Even participating in consignment sales like  Upscale Resale (2x) and Kids EveryWear, we were still being engulfed in clothing.  I am embarassed to even show the pictures of these rooms.  If I participated in McMama's "Not Me Mondays", this would surely be a great topic for a post.  So, without further ado....this is what our guest room looked like before the "decluttering".  (In my defense, although it doesn't take away from anything, there was a fresh pile of laundry on top of the already existing pile.)
The Guest Room, Emerson's 2nd Closet

I know, I embarassed right now!!! 

I purchased four plastic storage bins and labeled them.....

Upscale Resale - I can take these clothes next week, YAY!! Guess it's time to start hanging and labeling!
Other Sales - KidsEveryWear, Once Upon a Child, etc.
Does Not Fit (Keep) - those outfits I just can't part with
May Fit Spring/Fall 2010- hopefully Em can wear these, if not, they will find there way into another bin

......and then I started sorting.  In fact, my Other Sales bin got so full, I had to add a second one. 
(Amy get ready, those are both coming to you!!)

Ahh, the final result was worth taking the time to DECLUTTER.  Anyone want to come spend the night?  I can actually have house guests again!!  Danny even said he might just sleep in the room since no one has stayed in there for so long.  I mean how could they sleep there, the bed was drowning in clothing, but not anymore.  Maybe it is a good idea for Danny to sleep in there, then I'd have the king to myself. 
Hmmm, oh honey.....!!!

I'm vowing that our guest bedroom will stay a guest bedroom.  Seriously, anyone want to come visit!!

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