Saturday, February 6, 2010

Marbles Kids Museum

We decided to try another one of the Triangle's great kids museums this morning (if you remember, we hit Kidzu a couple of weeks ago) and invited the Herman girls to join in the fun with us.  Not sure why we haven't been before now, but I think of all the museums in this area, Marbles Kids Museum is, by far, my new FAVORITE!!!  I absolutely loved it and I think all the girls did too!  There were so many interactive sections to the museum, actually, the entire museum is interactive and each section has it's own theme. 

The Splash! section of the museum has a lot to offer.  The girls put on their waterproof smocks for a little bit of water fun in the huge water bowls.  After we all got "splashed" a little bit, we decided to move to the other areas of the Splash! section.  The Under the Waves room provided the girls with plenty of jumping opportunities on bouncy balls while listening to the calming sounds of the ocean.  After jumping around, it was time to experiment in the U.S.S Science Submarine and then get washed away at sea on The Blue Marble pirate ship. 

After the Splash! section, we decided to head upstairs to IdeaWorks.  While Amy and Ivie took a potty break, Danny, Emerson, Macie and I decided to walk around IdeaWorks and check it out.  At our last corner turn, we came upon the Super Structures section that was full, and I mean FULL, of blocks.  The girls had a great time building "castles" (as Emerson called them).  After building castles, we rounded the last corner to find the Go Zone of IdeaWorks.  The Go Zone is a place that you can build and race your own car.  I have to admit, Emerson's car won every time it was raced.  I also have to admit that we didn't make it, we picked it up off the table pre-made.  So, to whomever made the super speedy car today at Marbles, we thank you, because Emerson was super excited that her car won each race!!  Idea Works also included a work bench area, a design and construct area, and an Art Loft that we didn't even make it to....oh well, maybe next time.

The IdeaWorks section filtered us into the special exhibit sections of the BB&T Storeybrook Forest.  The girls were more than willing to throw on a tutu and show us their moves at the ballet bar.  The Can Heroes section in Storeybrook Forest offered great views of the entire museum but you had to be willing to walk into the grates that were suspended in mid air.  I think the mommies were a bit nervous with the girls in there, but they sure loved looking down at all the excitement. 

The next special exhibit was Moneypalooza.  Basically, this is an exhibit to start teaching kids the importance of saving, earning, and sometimes, even spending money.  I think we could have spent all day in this section.  Emerson's two favorite sections were the Dog Walking section and the Pizzeria.  She earned (funny) money from a Marbles employee for walking her dog around the park. In the Pizzeria, Emerson got her apron and chef hat on, took a pizza order by phone, made her pizza (in a brick oven, even), boxed it up and sent it on its way to be delivered.  Too cute!! 

After all the fun and excitement of Moneypalooza, we realized it was almost time to head out for the day,  but not before playing in the Around Town section (a section we missed on the way in).  Around Town is filled with all the things you might find in your own town like buses, fire trucks, trains, and even a theatre.  Emerson also had a great time playing with the over-sized blocks at the museums entrance and we eventually had to tempt her away with getting a special "prize" in the gift shop.  (more on that later)

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning......
I see a trip back to Marbles in our VERY near future!!!

.....and, of course, I leave you with two of my favorites from today!!!