Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pump It Up!!!!

Today, Emerson, Danny and I attended Tara's 5th birthday party at Pump It Up.  Tara is the older sister of Kayla, one of Emerson's classmates.  Emerson was actually invited (along with three more classmates) to help Kayla celebrate and not feel so "left out" amongst the big kids.  We were thrilled to be invited since this was the first party Emerson has ever been to at an indoor inflatable fun park. 

Upon entering Arena A, Emerson sized up the three different types of inflatables: a bounce basketball court, a small obstacle course, and the velcro wall.  A bit hesitant at first, it didn't take Emerson much time to jump (literally) right in and start bouncing.  Emerson, along with classmates Aurora, Julianne, and Kayla, had a great time running back and forth, bouncing, sliding, rolling, and climbing.  We all know that Emerson has a slight fear of slides...not sure where this comes from, because she will go down the Herman's slide all day long, but in public, she isn't a big fan.  So, Danny had to get in and coax her a bit, but once she did it in the obstacle inflatable, she followed up with two or three more times (it probably helped that her friends were doing it as well).

We were in Arena A for about 45 mintues and then it was time to move to Arena B.  (These people had changing rooms, and moving the differnt parties down to a science).  Arena B offered three more bounce style inflatables: a much larger obstacle challenge, a bouncy boxing ring, and a super duper slide (uh oh)!  Danny decided he would go up with Emerson the first time on the slide.  Actually, let me rephrase, Emerson decided Danny would go up with her the first time on the super duper slide.  Emerson wasn't a fan but after more coaxing from Danny she came down on her belly and was all smiles at the bottom.  After her first trip down, Emerson was ready to go again (by herself) and she successfully completed two more runs down the slide.  Had we conquered the fear?  On about the 4th or 5th trip up the ladder, with kids passing her and zooming down the slide, Emerson decided to pull her best  "feet in the ground like a stubborn bulldog" move and sit at the top of the slide.  She wasn't budging!  She wasn't upset, she wasn't crying, she was just determined she wasn't coming down.  We tried to build up her confidence and get her down but eventually Danny had to go back up and get her down, again with all smiles at the end.  Luckily it was time for a potty break and by the time we got back, it was time for a group picture and then a move into the party room. 

After the group picture, we headed into the party room.  Ahh, the party room brought much excitement to the kids with pizza, juice, chips, ice cream cake, and cookie cake, and I won't lie, the adults were just as excited.  Emerson had a great time playing, running, and laughing with all her "girlfriends", and the sugar helped (especially for a girl who doesn't get sugar much).  It is always nice to see a smile on your child's face and watch them have a great time just being young without a care in the world; those are the moments to cherish and store in your memory bank!

Thanks for inviting us Tara (and Kayla), we all had a great time laughing, boucing, eating, and watching you open presents.  Danny and I send a special thank you, we had three solid hours of quiet in the house when we got home, thanks to a pooped out, napping, party girl!!!