Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Wonderland 2010

I think the entire state of North Carolina either got snow or freezing rain on Friday night/Saturday morning.  The weather forecasters in our area assured us this was no storm to take lightly.  Usually, when snow is called for in our area, everyone freaks out, heads to the nearest grocery and schools are canceled for a 1/4 inch of snow.  But, this storm was different, we actually got the intended 5-7 inches of snow and then freezing rain on top of that.  I remember when I was little, we used to get snow like this at least 1 to 2 times a year.  That's changed in the past 15 years and now storms like this are rare, although we did have one like this about the same time last year (see my January 2009 pictures).  So, needless to say, this snow "storm" was a big deal for everyone here in the Triangle

We woke up on Saturday morning greeted by a true Winter Wonderland.  Everything was blanketed by a fresh coat of snow, and at 5:30 am (yes, I was up that early) the snow was still coming down and freezing everything it touched. Emerson's sandbox was now her own personal ice skating rink.

Emerson got up pretty early on Saturday and since I was already up, I scooped her up and we let Danny sleep.  Emerson was so excited about the snow; we promptly opened all the windows so she could see outside.  She was mesmerized and waited very patiently until the sleet stopped and we could go outside around 11:00 am.  Luckily, we were able to sit by the fire all morning and watch The Disney Channel until it was time to get our snow gear on. 


We finally decided to head outside with the Herman girls (minus a sleeping Macie) around 11:00. The sleet had stopped but no sooner than we "suited" up did it start sleeting again.  Ahhh!!  We didn't care though, we had two very anxious girls, that it took 20 minutes to dress and there was no way we were going back inside.  Speaking of dressing....neither Danny or I have snowsuits or snow gear for that matter, but somehow my 2 year old daughter has three snowsuits (one that has already been passed down to Macie), and four pairs of snow boots in various sizes (more are headed to the Herman house soon).  So, thanks to Mimi's diligent shopping habits at the Goodwill, Emerson was uber prepared for her romp in the snow.  Good thing, they were second hand and not full price.  And on another note, Ivie's TARGET (pronounced Tar-Je) snow boots made another appearance this here for Amy's hilarious account of getting Ivie ready!


Emerson having some fun (and stumbles) in the snow

Emerson and Ivie had a great time playing around in the snow.  Since a fresh coat of freezing rain had just fallen the snow was a bit harder than normal.  Both girls were clomping around and say "Crunch, Crunch" with each footstep.  Falling in the snow became very funny to them, especially when it was falling backwards to make snow angels.  Both girls still had recollections of how to make snow angels from last year's adventures.   

The highlight of our snow play was of course making a snowman.  Danny and I quickly realized that we were going to have to be creative as the snow wasn't even making a snowball, much less a snowman.  Amy was the first to actually spot the perfect mound of snowice for our base, that Durham Public Works had shifted to one side of our cul-de-sac after plowing.  Danny moved two more pieces (certainly not perfectly round) to complete our makeshift snowman.  We completed his look with a beret, scarf, practice golf balls, and a paint stirrer.  Any other snowman would have been jealous!!

Hogan came out to join us for some fun in the snow, too!! 

After all the fun, we had to go inside but it wasn't without two kicking and screaming toddlers.  So, we promised Emerson if she came in, warmed up and took a good nap, we would come out later that afternoon.  She obliged and delivered, taking an almost 3 hour nap that I had to wake her up from, so we had to follow through with our word.  And don't worry, she didn't forget either; asking to go out in the "No" (she's still calling it that) the second she got up.  We all "geared up" again and headed out for a snow walk, "crunching" our way around our house.  The temperature had dropped drastically, though, so we were only out for about 10 minutes, long enough to appease Emerson.  The perfect end to a perfect Winter Wonderland Snow Day!