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This is the way my guest room used to look, then I devoted my February Decluttering The Devers project to getting all these clothes ready for my upcoming March consignment sale.  I've mentioned on this blog several times that I'm a consignor.  There are three main reasons I consign.  First, we all know I love to shop for Emerson (as stated in the February decluttering post).  If/when I have another baby, and if it's another little girl, I will go just as crazy shopping for her, as I did for Emerson.  Second, I hope to recoup a fraction of the money I have already spent (we'll let Danny think this), but really it's to make money to buy MORE clothes!!!  (At most of the sales, if you are a consignor, you get to shop early, so you usually spend what you are going to make back.)  And, last but not least, we really need to get the clothes out of the house because we are bursting at the seams.  Who knew having a child would bring so much STUFF (read: toys, clothes, sippy cups, toddler plates, general clutter)?  We are slowly running out of space and again, if that second baby ever comes, it would probably be nice to have a place for it to sleep.  So, I have decided to keep all the important clothes (birthday outfits, Halloween costumes, favorites) and the cute outfits I just couldn't part with, but for the rest of them, they have been put up for consignment. 

I consign at two different sales, Upscale Resale (my favorite sale) and KidsEverywear.   Although I did just recently sign up to sell at the Chatham Kids Consignment. This is the third season I have consigned at Upscale Resale.  I missed the registration cut off for the spring season of KidsEverywear but I did participate this past fall.  Although not a consignment pro, I have certainly learned the ropes quickly and I'm working my way out of rookie status fast.  So, I thought I would show all of you exactly what is involved in consigning. 

The Process

Sorting - Obviously the first step is to sort the clothing you are going to consign.  Upscale Resale only accepts certain brands, so it is crucial to sort.  I have two bins, one for Upscale Resale (the more boutique-ish brands) and then an "Other Consignment Sales" bin (both labeled, of course).  (Hopefully this will make it much easier for future sorting and instead of ending up on my guest bed, the clothes will end up in the appropriate bin.)  Each sale is also season specific, so in the spring, you can only sell spring clothing and in the fall (you guessed it!), you can only sell fall clothing.  I put both seasons in the bin and then just sort out the season when its time for that sale. 

Presentation and Hanging- The next step is hanging the clothes.  It seems like all the sales have the same specifications for hanging; place clothes on hangers with the hook facing to the left ( like the shape of a question mark). Presentation does matter, so I make sure to tie the bows, fasten the buttons and snaps and close the zippers.  I rarely iron the clothes unless the article absolutely needs it; I've usually taken good enough care of them on the front end that they don't need ironing.   The other important detail is if there are two pieces to the outfit (ie- bottoms, bloomers, etc.), they need to either be safety pinned or put on a two-part hanger so as not to be separated at some point during the sale.  I also used a clothing rack this time and oh my, it made the entire process so much easier.  Thanks to the Hermans for use of their new in-the-box clothing rack (all I had to do was put it together while they were out of town).  Note-to-self put clothing rack on my shopping list before the fall sales start!!

Emerson loved helping her Mommy and the clothes rack had a lower rod that was the perfect height for her. 

All the clothes hung up and ready to be tagged!!

Tagging - Luckily most of the sales give you a template that you can use to plug in the info for your clothing.  Usually these tags include, your consignor number, a description of the item, the size of the item, price and your participation in the half price sale (usually the last day of the sale).  Since your consignor number will stay the same for each sale, I usually save the template and then just input the clothing info (it goes much faster this way).  You can also choose to hand-write the tags but being the OCD person that I am, I like to type them, and save a copy for my records.  Most sales require that you use card-stock.  KidsEverywear actually assigns you a particular color card-stock but Upscale Resale lets you use any color you want.  I try to use bright colors.  The brighter, the better...it attracts more buyers that way.

After you put in all the information, it's time to cut out your tags and start attaching them to your articles of clothing.  The best way to attach the clothing and the tag is by using a zip tie.  I try to zip tie the tag to both the hanger and the clothing.  I can usually do this by either going through a button hole or a clothing tag.  

Drop-Off -  Ahhh, Finished!!!  All sorted, hung, tagged, folded and placed into the Tupperware bin ready to go off to consignment land and hopefully be adopted (read: bought for full asking price) by a wonderful new mom for her adorable little girl.  (I have to give a big shout out to my consigning cohort Jen for taking my clothes this time around.  My schedule got so out of control and she was nice enough to drop-off for me. Jen, I've got drop-off duty next time!!)  Now all you have to do is hope there aren't too many leftover clothes when you go to pick-up on the last day; then it's time to sit back and wait for your check to come in!!

....and that, folks, is how you consign!!!

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