Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hair Twirling
Recently Danny and I have been harping on Emerson and her hair twirling.  We've tried everything but nothing seems to be working; I think we just have a hair twirler on our hands (no pun intended)!  One of our tactics was to tell Emerson that if she keeps twirling her hair, it will all fall out and she will be bald like her Papa.  Last Sunday, while at dinner, Emerson spotted an older gentleman seated close by and she quickly pointed out, "Look Mommy, Look Mommy that man must have twirled his hair!" You guessed it, the man was bald.  Even if it's not working, at least we know she hears what we are saying!!

I'm Busy
Yesterday, we went to breakfast with Danny's parents (Grammy and Papa).  Grammy and Emerson were involved in a conversation counting Grammy's fingers (we're working on counting right now); very serious stuff!  Papa interrupted Emerson to ask a question of his own, to which she replied with her hand held high in the "stop" position, finger pointed up, with lots of sass in her voice:

"Papa, wait a minute, I'm busy!"

Don't ever interrupt a girl and her counting!!!

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