Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's pretty obvious from my February Decluttering post that I have a shopping problem, ok BIG shopping problem.  Especially when it comes to a certain little fashionista toddler in our household.  Well, now I am even entering contests to support my addiction.  Jasmere, a social shopping site that my neighbor Amy introduced me to (thanks Amy!), is hosting a contest.  It's pretty simple, post a picture to their Facebook page that's related to one of your Jasmere purchases, get all your friends to comment on it, which equates to a vote and then wait, and hope you win.  What do you win, you might ask?  A $250 credit.  Friends, $250 will go a LONG way on Jasmere. 

Jasmere has a daily feature item (posted for 24 hours) and the more people who buy it, the lower the price gets and everyone who bought the item (at the end of the 24 hours) gets the item at the lowest price.  I've bought a couple of things on Jasmere, mostly for Emerson.  So today, after work, I decided to head home and try to snap some shots of her in all her Jasmere outfits and enter the contest.  I thought I would post a couple of them here.  Emerson had a great time trying on her clothes and, I won't lie, Mommy had just as much fun playing dress up with her little girl!!!

Here's my acutal entry for the Jasmere contest.  Feel free to go vote, the more comments, the closer I get to the prize.

My little one (the one I shop for the most on Jasmere) modeling her new dresses from Decaf Plush, her initial sweater from Write Away, and the one purchase for me, a new Coakley bag!!!

Here are some more pictures I took this afternoon! 

And if you want to join Jasmere...make sure you click on the personal referral link below.  I get $10 for every friend who joins under my name.  I could potentially buy a lot of Jasmere items soon with all the comments on Facebook and hopefully new people signing up under my name!!!  Believe me, Danny will be happy it is all bought by credit and not coming out of our bank account!!

Brooke's Personal Referral link for Jasmere!!

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