Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Say Ahhh!!

 "Say Ahh", has been a very common phrase in our household this week as we prepared Emerson for her first dentist appointment today.  We've been talking about the appointment and Dr. John Christensen all week, in hopes that it might make the appointment a little less stressful for her.  We didn't need to worry about that, Dr. John's office is fun from the moment you walk in. 

Dr. John's office has a fish tank and a plethora of stuffed animals.  And the first thing you get when you walk in the door is a personalized sticker displaying just how special you are.  Emerson had a great time playing with everything while she waited.

Once Natalie called Emerson's name, she quickly put her animal back and followed Natalie to the treatment room.  Emerson was very excited that she got her very own room.  She quickly showed Natalie what a big girl she was by hopping into the treatment chair and staying put while Natalie went over proper oral hygiene for toddlers with Mommy and Daddy.  After Natalie's visit we took a quick potty break and by the time we got back Dr. John was already in the room talking to Daddy. 

When it was time for Dr. John's examination, Emerson changed the tuned she had just 5 minutes earlier.  Emerson didn't want to sit in the examination chair, so Dr. John had a great way for to do the exam while Emerson stayed in my lap.  Dr. John sat right in front of me, Emerson straddled my lap, and then we leaned her back while I continued to hold her hands.  Although Emerson cried the entire time with big alligator tears, Dr. John kept his cool and counted all 20 of Emerson's teeth.  By the time he got to 17, Emerson had calmed down.  We finished discussing our concerns with Dr. John and he talked to us about Emerson's oral development.  He did inform us that Emerson's teeth are a little overcrowded, which in orthodontic talk means that in about 10 years we will owe him $6000 (according to my braces selling neighbor) to straighten her teeth.  Oh Joy!!! 

After Dr. John congratulated Emerson on her first visit, he was off to see another patient.  Natalie finished up the appointment, took Emerson's picture for her "No Cavity Club" button, and showed Emerson the prize cabinet.  Emerson picked out her prize, a bracelet, and waited for her button.  We even got a smile out of Emerson at the end of the appointment for a great picture at Dr. Christensen's office door.  All-in-all, a great first visit to the dentist, we have to keep those pearly whites pristine for all those pictures Mommy takes!!