Monday, April 5, 2010

A Family Trip to the Zoo!!

Last week Danny and I debated how we would spend our Good Friday holiday since Danny, Emerson and I all had the day off from school and work.  We looked at going to Mickey's Rockin' Road Show in Greensboro, but then that fell through when we didn't make a decision in time.  So, we decided we would venture to Asheboro to visit the NC Zoo (our first visit as a family).  Since a family trip wouldn't be complete without our extended neighbor family, the Hermans, we invited them along for a fun day of zoo-going!!!  Friday morning, we loaded up the cars and were on our way; little did we know the entire state of NC had the same idea we did.  The crowd started the second we turned onto Zoo Parkway, we were met with a line to get into the parking lot.  Luckily the line went fast and so did the admissions line into the park. 

Once inside the park, we decided to venture to the Africa section first, this way we would finish in North America and closer to our car at the end of the day (when we had three very tired girls).  Our first stop in Africa was at Junction Plaza where the girls enjoyed a carousel ride and Dora & Diego' 4-D Adventure.  (Thanks to Amy's good planning it was a good thing we did all this first...because the next time we saw this place, it was PACKED!!!)

After our quick stop in Junction Plaza, we were off to see all the animals of the zoo.  Have I mentioned it was crowded?  At times, it was hard to get to certain exhibits because of all the people, but we did get to see giraffes, elephants, chimpanzees, lions, ostriches, and over a hill we saw a few stripes of a zebra.

A quick side note:  probably the funniest part of the day was the lion exhibit.  We rounded the corner to see a hoard of people standing around and laughing.  I think we all thought that the lions were playing around and they were, sort of.  When we looked into the exhibit we saw what all the laughing was about.  In not so many words, the lions were certainly "playing".  The comments that we heard were hilarious and it was funny to see parents try to explain to their kids what was going on.  Funnier to me than even the "action" was that Danny and Dale immediately pulled out their phones, took a picture, and started texting/emailing the picture to everyone they knew.  In the words of one woman, "Primal males are all the same!"

We finished our jaunt through Africa hoping to eat in Junction Plaza before heading to North America.  Did I mention it was crowded and HOT?   Our jaunt was more of a trek up and down hills to get back to a very crowded (there's that word again) Junction Plaza.  We debated if we should brave the crowds because we knew melt downs were eminent.  Because we were all so hot and couldn't figure out what we were doing, I decided to ease the pain of hunger with some frozen lemonade.  I headed to the line to wait my ten minute turn in line.  While waiting we decided to head back to North America, get in our cars, and do lunch elsewhere.  So, we all got to enjoy our lemonades in line waiting for the tram.  Thank goodness for frozen lemonade when you're standing in a very long tram line. 

We had a great time at the zoo, even if we did only see Africa.  I hate the girls didn't get to see the North America section, but I'm sure we will make it back one day (one less crowded and 15 degrees cooler day).  And if not, I am sure the girls will have school field trips to the zoo in the future.  Even through the heat and the crowds, it was still a great way to spend the day with the people I love the most. 

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