Saturday, April 3, 2010

School Easter Egg Hunt

Thursday Danny and I both stole a quick hour to attend the Easter Egg Hunt at Emerson’s school. Last year when I attended the “hunt”, the kids were still hesitant and didn’t quite understand the concept of hunting for egss.  That was certainly not the case this year, they were full throttle GO when the playground gate opened and I think within five minutes all the Easter eggs had been claimed. Emerson’s friend, Robbie, even found a small quiet corner to sit down and consume all the candy out of his eggs (I bet he was a handful the rest of the day). After the hunt, Ms. Rosa, let all the kids stay outside and play a bit longer than normal. Yesterday was Rosa’s last day at school and secretly, I think she wanted to enjoy and soak up her last moments with the kids. We are really going to miss her! It was great seeing the kids hunt, laugh, smile, giggle, and play….always brings a smile to my face. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy from the day!!

Emerson's Class


The Fierce Foursome
(Haegan, Emerson, Aurora, and Reagan)

2009 (toddler class)
2010 (2 year old class)

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